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Essex IT Firm Recommend Upgrading Old Computers to SSD

laptop in the park

Why You Should Upgrade Your Old Computers to SSD Before you give up on your old laptop due to it being slow in comparison to newer models, find out whether simply upgrading to SSD will give you the extra speed you need. Stuart Macleod, the director of Networking 2000 in Romford, explains how to get the most out of…

Medusa Stone – Quality Kitchen Worktops in Essex

Medusa Stone showroom

Natural stone is often the no-compromise choice for kitchen work surfaces. Combining durability and looks, it’s a great choice but demands expert handling and that’s what Medusa Stone offer through their highly experienced and skilled stonemasons.

Britvic May Be Closing Down Its Chelmsford Factory

Britvic cans

Chelmsford has been rocked by the news that one of its greatest enterprises, Britvic, is to close down its Chelmsford factory. Britvic employs 131 people in Chelmsford and ranks as one of the most successful businesses to be born in Chelmsford. Britvic have the rights to produce and distribute some of the leading brands of…

Free Initial Bookkeeping Health Checks in Chelmsford!

Chereen McCarthy

Rosemary Bookkeeping is delighted to announce the introduction of a brand new franchise partner in Chelmsford who is offering free initial bookkeeping health checks to small businesses. Chereen McCarthy hopes to bring an altogether friendly and new bookkeeping experience to Chelmsford, by utilising the unique Rosemary System® and taking the hassle away from the business owner…

Solar Panel Sales Calls in Essex – Scam or Honest Service?

Just had another call from a solar panel company, the first was from an energy company last year. They wanted to send a sales person to my house for a free consultation, that they promised would only take 15 minutes. I declined the offer, twice, and was then asked why. I explained is was for…

Warning: Tax Refund Scam – Dear Tax Payer

PostOffice Tax Refund scam

If you see a page like this via an email, it is a phishing scam. Find out more below: Just over 2 weeks ago many people filed their annual tax returns and made their payment to the tax office. All seemed well, apart from having to pay so much tax!