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Light Switch Trade Counter

Light Switch Trade CounterWhy Shoppers Are Ditching The High Street DIY Chains

New research reveals that independent DIY stores boast some of the nation’s happiest shoppers. An electrical store in Essex proves just why that is.

A recent survey has proven what consumers have known for some time – that high street chains are on their way out, particularly when it comes to DIY. Analysis conducted by Which? has revealed that customers are tired of the faceless, impersonal nature of successful brands with their self-service checkouts and lack of customer service. Instead, independent stores are making a comeback, largely because their business model is the absolute opposite of the megastores – they focus on the customer as an individual.

Consumers Love Independent DIY Stores

In the 2015 High Street Shopper survey, customers were asked to name their favourite retailers and the results found that independent stores grabbed three of the top ten spots. However, it was DIY and decorating stores that were the biggest surprise – as this category climbed 84 spaces within a year to take third position. A spokesman for Which? explained “Although independent stores vary widely in the type of products that they stock as well as in their atmosphere, they seem to have one thing in common – good or outstanding customer service. Shoppers love the personal attention, friendly and knowledgeable staff in independent DIY stores”.

Quality Local Electrical Suppliers

Industry professionals as well as home DIY enthusiasts are lucky enough to have numerous options from which to gather materials in independent stores across Essex. With consumers shunning big-name brands such as B&Q or Homebase who have both taken a profit hit this year, Essex residents are sticking close to home and supporting quality local businesses who offer products and materials that are just as affordable as those from the big names.

Light Switch is an excellent example of an affordable local store that has been thriving. The business started over 33 years ago as part of the Team Electrical Supplies (London) Ltd. and is based at Hillgrove Business Park in Nazeing. The large trade counter stocks well-known brands for your next electrical job including Hellermann Tyton, Ansell or ATC but for added convenience if you’re unable to get to the shop in a hurry, it’s possible to order online from Delivery is available all over Essex, London and the neighbouring home counties with no charge for orders that are over £75, which means that many customers choose to buy in bulk for their electrical project. Orders are usually sent out on the same day, and an overnight courier means that builders or developers are able to receive their goods quickly.

Customer Service

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest problems that high street chains have is in connecting with the customer and being able to effectively answer queries. Light Switch offers two options to stay engaged with customers – you can either call them on 01992 899097 for some expert advice or alternatively just chat to one of the friendly and knowledgeable staff in store who will be able to point you in the right direction if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for.

Competitive Prices

One of the biggest myths about independent stores is that they need to charge more than the bigwigs in order to survive. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth in the case of Light Switch, who are incredibly competitive and offer frequent discounts and promotions if you keep an eye on their website and social channels.

If you have yet to join the throng of shoppers who prefer independent DIY stores to their high street chain counterparts, why not go local today and find out what you’re missing?

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