Top Rated Horseracing Syndicates for Essex Punters

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Syndicates give normal racegoers the chance to get even closer to the action

Essex has always been a hotbed of equestrianism, with people from the county having long been obsessed with everything from riding horses to watching them race on a sunny weekend afternoon. 

However, some horse lovers get so into the sport they love that they want a piece of the action and look to buy into racehorses. This can be done in several different ways, but unless you are a serious high roller, the most accessible way to do so is via a horseracing syndicate. 

Such organisations themselves own or part-own certain racehorses and allow their members to buy a portion of the action. This way, when one of the group’s horses win, everyone wins, making for something of a team spirit down in the paddock on race day. 

Here, we detail just some of the top-rated horseracing syndicates which Essex racing lovers should know. Many of these syndicate-owned horses can be found competing in places like Chelmsford and Newmarket. 

Dooley Thoroughbreds  

This syndicate was started up by three horse racing fanatics from Manchester, who through their combined love of the long noses decided to form a syndicate. 

Many of their horses are heavily backed by punters who use free horse racing bets, especially with the likes of Saltonstall, Current Option and Politicise on their books. Dooley Thoroughbreds has also overseen the careers of betting favourites like Kasbah, Tinnahalla, and Yuften. 

The main trainer working with Dooley Thoroughbreds is Ireland’s Adrian McGuiness, who supplies most of the horses that the syndicate owns. 

However, all this expertise and guidance does not come free of charge, it costs somewhere in the region of £4k to own a 10% share in a thoroughbred racehorse for 12 months. 

Think that sounds steep? Well, that’s one of the cheaper deals on offer with Dooley Thoroughbreds, which shows that horse ownership is not for the faint-hearted. 

Hambleton Racing 

While Dooley Thoroughbreds sticks with one trainer to provide horses, Hambleton Racing draws racers from no less than five trainers. These include the likes of Archie Watson, Kevin Ryan, David O’Meara, Phil Kirby, and Karl Burke, all of whom are well-known heads in the game. 

The syndicate, which has been operating for the best part of 15 years, offers a lot of choice for wannabe members. Just some of the young horses to keep an eye on include Fly To Glory, who has wowed crowds at Newcastle Racecourse in the North East, twice winning over 6 furlongs under the guidance of Hollie Doyle.  

Another, perhaps more well-known horse is Outbox, who recently stunned everyone at The Amir Trophy in Doha to take home a massive chunk of prize money – yet again with Hollie Doyle working her magic in the saddle. 

Lots of people in racing grandstands will be part of syndicates

Diamond Racing 

The syndicate’s website boasts 205 race wins and counting, all of which were accrued thanks to 28 years of experience in the sport. It is this extensive experience that makes Diamond Racing one of the longest-serving syndicates in the sport. 

Part of the reason for Diamond’s longevity has been the relationships it maintains with trainers, with contacts spanning right across the UK and Ireland. 

Some of the syndicate’s biggest performers in 2021 were IWillDoIt, Castle Quarter and Golden Emblem. Indeed, IWillDoIt is one of the hottest horses in the UK at the minute, having won the Welsh Grand National Trial Handicap Chase in early December before backing up the victory with another win at Chepstow just a matter of days later. 

Both races were won by huge margins, meaning the whole Diamond Racing team got plenty of time to celebrate even before their horse passed the winning post.

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