6 Stunning Cruise Destinations to take from Harwich

Harwich Cruise Terminal

Harwich Cruise TerminalThe town of Harwich is a medium-sized Essex town world-renowned for its rich history.  Harwich is known as the town where the Mayflower was built.  Present-day Harwich is still a busy port town, with cruises departing regularly for globe-trotters. Harwich International Port has been serving passengers since the mid-1800s. Passengers can travel to many locations in Europe.

Here are 6 stunning cruise destinations to take from the port of Harwich:

France and Belgium

Departing from Harwich, enjoy a beautiful French and Belgian holiday that takes you through Bruges from the Zeebrugge port and Boulogne-sur-Mer, Northern France.  The town of Bruges is a charming Northern Belgian town known for its historical landmarks and chocolate shops. Boulogne-su-Mer is a premier tourist destination, with cultural attractions and delightful seafood. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines offer this lovely getaway on the Remembrance weekend. For more information, or to book, call 0845 527 2047.

Baltic Cities and St. Petersburg

This 12-night cruise goes through several cities within the Baltic Sea, including cities in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.  Aside from these countries, most Baltic Sea cruises also pass through Tallinn in Estonia, Riga in Latvia, and Gdansk in Poland.  The marquee attraction in the Baltic cruise remains to be St. Petersburg, Russia. If you prefer planning a trip well in advance, an offer from CruiseDeals.co.uk may suit you. View details here.

Arctic and Greenland

Visit one of the planet’s most unforgettable places as you embark on the magnificent Arctic and Greenland cruise. Follow the course of the Vikings as you journey to Greenland and Iceland, and explore the stunning Arctic tundra. Reserve at least 21 nights for this once-in-a-lifetime trip. View the itinerary from Cruise & Maritime Voyages here.


Have a romantic one-night mini-cruise on Marco Polo ship from Harwich port to Hull. You will be surprised with the number of new things you might discover from this short trip with Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

France, Spain, and Portugal

There are some cruises from Harwich that takes you straight to the Iberian Peninsula, another great cruise destination that covers the southwestern European countries of Spain and Portugal, and a small part of France. You will visit great cities such as Lisbon, Barcelona, and Bilbao. This voyage can be booked from Costa Cruises on 020 3553 3706.

Captain’s Mystery Cruise

Some cruise companies offer this exciting trip that commences from the port of Harwich. On this 10-day mystery cruise, the destinations are a surprise, which adds to the excitement. It’s either a destination that you know and long to go back to or an undiscovered gem. Booking is available on 0845 869 2101 from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

There are many things to consider when planning a cruise. You should also account for unprecedented events that might happen during your trip.  While most cruise liners readily assist their passengers during these predicaments, getting single trip travel insurance is still a great idea. In order to protect yourself and your family, it is essential to get travel insurance coverage to account for trip interruptions or cancellations, baggage delay or loss, medical expenses, or emergency evacuation.

Harwich International Port is a port of call for cruise liners going to various locations in Europe. Harwich is a popular port for UK travellers because it is easily accessible from major London airports and railway stations. For those who are planning their next cruise, consider these six great cruise destinations that you can take from the town of Harwich.

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