Government Promises To Take Tougher Stance on Stalkers

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How a Newspaper Petition Could Help

Stalking is a crime that ruins lives, but the Government could still do so much more to help victims.

Stalking is something that causes an extraordinary amount of fear and misery, and many victims feel that the Government simply hasn’t done enough to tackle the issue.  A Tory MP, with the backing of a Sun newspaper petition, has launched a new parliamentary Bill to make it much easier for stalkers to brought to justice. It’s always a good idea to be as armed with as much information as possible when reporting a stalker to the police,  which is where UK Evidence can help.

Laws need updating

Stalking is a truly horrifying crime, and puts victims through so much pain. It can feel as if every aspect of a person’s life is being invaded, and they can feel afraid to leave the house in case their stalker is watching them. Advances in modern technology have aided stalkers too – and much of the legislation relating to the crime of stalking hasn’t moved with the times. Frustrated with the lack of options for victims, an MP decided to take matters into her own hands.

Nipping stalking in the bud

Frustratingly, a stalker’s early actions often fall just short of breaking the law. This often results in the victim being forced to wait until things escalate before an arrest can be made. Tory MP Sarah Wollaston wants to change that. She has a Private Members Bill in Parliament that proposes the Government introduce Stalking Protection Orders. These would allow police to go to magistrates at the first hint of stalking, and then present the stalker with an order warning them to stop or face imprisonment. Early intervention like this could stop a stalker in their tracks. The Bill has caught the attention of The Sun, who are urging readers to sign a petition to back it.

Who can help right now

Currently there is no way of telling whether Sarah Wollaston’s Bill will be passed. In the meantime, it’s sensible to call in expert help if you are being targeted by a stalker over the telephone. It’s easy for them to remain anonymous, but UK Evidence can quickly unmask even the most secretive stalker. With their outstanding trace UK mobile number resources, they will be able to find out who has been calling you in as little as four hours.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal

If you are going to approach the police with the personal information of a suspected stalker, you’ll want to do so with the confidence that you haven’t broken any laws yourself. UK Evidence complies fully with the law, and the service that they provide is completely legal. So you won’t face any legal action at the hands of your stalker, and the police will be able to move forward with their investigations quickly. Of course, some people prefer to try and solve the matter privately before getting the police involved. What you do with the information UK Evidence give you is totally up to you.

Hope for the future

The introduction of Stalking Protection Orders would be a massive leap forward, and would offer victims so much more peace of mind. Until there is a change in the law though, all that someone can do is remain vigilant and contact experts like UK Evidence when they need some extra help. Simply unmasking an anonymous stalker can stop them, so it’s always worth tracing a mobile number.

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