Is Your Essex Household Experiencing Smelly Drains This Year? How To Fix It

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The weather seems to be having an unpleasant effect in some parts of Essex, as more people are reporting smelly drains. If trying to flush them out with a hose doesn’t work, the solution from the experts is to get a drain survey done. What is a CCTV Drain Survey? 

A CCTV drain survey is a process where the condition of your drainage is examined using a camera system that records and captures video footage of useful data. The equipment and techniques used to carry out CCTV drainage surveys inspect the above-ground pipes like rainwater downpipes, vertical chutes, ducting systems, soil stacks, industrial process pipes, storage tanks, etc. 

What is it?

A drainage survey shows alerts to potential problems like root ingress, blockages, structural issues, and others. These CCTV surveys are suitable for all types of properties- commercial, residential, industrial, or more. Hiring professional CCTV drain surveys in Essex will help you to prevent a drainage disaster. 

In situations where access is limited, the portable CCTV systems offer pan and tilt surveys, without any need for the van mounted devices. So, a professional CCTV drain survey will:

  • Allow accurate results of conditions in the areas where easy access if a problem
  • Provide cost-effective and timely drain map service that details the pipework required, detecting and diagnosing issues 

The professional engineers provide a comprehensive report showing the actual condition of the drainage. A plan of action is given by the professionals, including the cost to make the drain free of any blockages. 

Before knowing the process and benefits of a CCTV drain survey, it is crucial to be aware of the common problems faced in a drainage system. These include: 

Blockages– This is indeed the most common problem. A drain survey will identify the cause behind the problem and find remedial measures to remove it completely.

Collapsed sewer– This is a very severe issue that cannot be resolved with cleaning only. A drain survey identifies the location and scale of the issue, thus enabling you to repair the pipeline fast and that too without leaving a hole in your budget. 

Tree root infestation– Tree roots find a way through gaps and cracks in the drain system. They continue growing and expanding, thus causing serious damage to the pipes. A CCTV drain survey will help identify the issue and suggest the right remedial action. 

Poorly connected pipes– Such pipes can result in ingress and egress of the wastewater. CCTV drainage survey will identify the location as well as the nature of the problem, thus allowing you to solve the problem on time. 

Damaged pipes– A drain’s condition can depreciate over time. Displaced joints or cracked pipes should be repaired as soon as possible before they result in any costly and serious issues. 

Often serious plumbing a drainage problems require urgent attention. An emergency plumber in Romford recently shared a story on Facebook of a family who had just bought a house with her partner, only to discover that the toilets would not flush properly. For a couple with a new born in the house, plus two older children, this was a major an unexpected disaster that had to be rectified immediately. Tip from us – if you are looking to buy a house, test the toilets and taps, including the bath and shower. Make sure toilets flush quickly, and refill fast, and listen out for strange plumbing noises that are signs of problems in the works.

What’s the process involved in a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV survey includes carrying out an in-depth survey of pipe sizes and providing detailed reports. These drainage surveys are done using robot camera systems that are controlled from CCTV units. And from the position in the CCTV unit, the operator can determine the condition and problem of the pipe and highlight the defects, if any. 

What are the equipment used? 

Cameras– Waterproof cameras are used that can operate even in flowing water. They provide the engineers with a view into the drains and even of those areas that are impossible to reach otherwise. 

Crawlers– The remote-operated crawlers provide fast access to sewer systems, thus offering excellent mobility. These crawlers can work even in the remotest areas and obstructed pipes. 

Access rods– These are the flexible rods that are used to send the camera inside the drainage system. They help the cameras to navigate the tough corners and sharp turns. 

Sonar units– The sonar CCTV surveys are limited to filled pipes, thus providing acoustic profiling to have in-depth insight into the actual condition of the pipes. These are beneficial where access is almost impossible. 

Benefits of a CCTV drain survey 

CCTV drain surveys play a crucial role in allowing the owners, architects, and builders to understand the actual condition of the drainage network. In earlier times, surveys were performed manually, where the engineers used to perform the study using their hands or by using less accurate equipment. But with the development and introduction of these modern, state-of-the-art CCTV drain survey equipment and technology, it simply means that inspecting the sewers and drains is now hassle-free, accurate, and reliable. 

So, now, a small CCTV camera can be easily placed in the drain system or sewer that sends high-quality images. These images are displayed on a screen/monitor, thus allowing the engineers to survey the drains accurately and remotely. It is as easy as that! What are you waiting for? Hire professional survey services and enjoy peace of mind. 

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