Reasons why parents should not smoke in front of their kids

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The coronavirus pandemic may have been detrimental to health is many ways, and one of those ways is an increase in child exposure to tobacco smoke. As more people are forced to stay at home, it is feared that some parents have been smoking more inside the home, and this could have devastating consequences in years to come.

Smoking is an addiction but if you have kids, then you must gain control over it when you are around them. Ethically, it is best to avoid smoking while you are around people because secondhand smoke is dangerous for others. You can opt for vaping, as it is slightly better but it is not the best option around kids again. Even if you are not a parent, remember that it is not good to smoke in front of kids.

If you are a chain smoker and you are willingly being disruptive around your kids, then you need to understand that you are not only putting their life at harm but are also setting up a toxic surrounding for their grooming. They will almost certainly opt this habit from you. Moreover, several studies have shown that kids who smoke have a visible risk of heart disease. Therefore, smoking in front of your kids is not only making them adapt this habit but is also putting their health at a large risk. As their immunity level is low, they might catch a cardiovascular issue rapidly.

What can smokers do for this?

Whether you are a parent or not, it is important for you to be considerate about the people around you. If you have kids around you or any other individual, who does not smoke; it is best to not smoke within their premises. However, if you are a parent, then there are some things that you can opt for, to minimize the risks of secondhand smoking for your little ones.

Smoke outside

If you have an urge to smoke and you have a pregnant wife or your kids in your premises, then it is best to walk outside. Being away from kids and people who do not smoke is the best practice to follow. The cigarette smoke remains in the air for hours, especially if you are smoking indoors as the ventilation is not as wide as open-air. When you smoke indoors, your kids are breathing in that same air. You might think that it is not harmful for them but it is. Thus, it is best to step outside and smoke in open air, and make sure that your kids do not come along with you.

Wash your hands

When you smoke, the smoke sticks to the clothes. Thus, as a parent, it is your duty to wash your hands thoroughly after smoking and change your shirt if you have to hold your child or hug them. You don’t want them to breath in the smoke as it damages their heart and lungs rapidly.

Don’t smoke in car

Never smoke inside the car. Whether you have your own kids and family or you are with your friends. Avoid smoking in cars, while you have people around you, who do not smoke. Even if you are blowing the smoke out of the car, the exposure is still there and you are harming people.

Parents must be extra cautious of their child’s health and care. Smoking is an addictive habit and it can lead to several cardiovascular diseases and lung issues too. If you smoke, try to call it quits. It might not be easy but you can try switching to vape and then gradually get rid of that too. Be careful around your little ones as you don’t want to harm those angels. Take all necessary steps to ensure that they stay healthy and safe.

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