Eco-friendly Ways for Cooling Your Essex Home This Summer

fan on hot day

In warmer months, we bet it is tempting to switch on the AC or get your head in front of the cooler or fan. But these tricks are not the only ones you can use. There are a lot of ways to buffer your home from all the heat. 

The options available to cool down your home in eco-friendly ways vary as per the housing location as well as your budget. While some may want to switch out the power strips, others may try something completely different. Either way, all such changes will not just benefit the earth; they will be huge savers for you too. House developers are nowadays constructing the new residential buildings as eco friendly because the buyers demand so and are ready to pay a little extra too. 

So, starting with the eco ways to cool down your home, here are a few options to consider: 

Use your AC smart 

Even though there are a lot of eco ways to cool down the home, but you may not be able to avoid it completely. Still, it doesn’t also mean that your AC should be on for the whole day. There are surely many ways to optimise your home so that you don’t harm the planet with your extra energy usage. 

So, if you live somewhere that is humid and too hot, you may need an AC. And thus, it is good to consider the type of air conditioner you install in your home. The more efficient the AC is, the better it is. Also, when you have the AC, ensure that you use and maintain it properly. This way, your machine will be in a good state and will deliver great results. Try to replace and clean the filters now and then. While some units need changing the filters monthly, others may go three to six months. You can hire professional air conditioning installers to do the job for you. 

Change the colour of your walls

White and light colours reflect light, producing a pleasing and soothing environment. Such colours also have a refreshing effect, unlike the darker shades, as they don’t absorb the heat. You can paint the walls and ceiling white or cream for the summer season. In doing so, you will have a cold environment in your home. 

Keep the windows closed 

You may think that by keeping the windows open, you are refreshing your home. But the fact is that you are letting the heat get in. You should keep the windows closed during the daytime. Open them only at night to have ventilation, and this way your home and get the most out of the evening breeze. 

Get fans 

Table, ceiling, and floor-based fans can help with the artificial breeze inside the house and require less power to operate too. A good fan will not just create movement but will even accelerate the rising of warm air towards the roof, away from housemates in the room. But make sure that you check the direction in which it spins as one orientation is good for warm weather while the other is for pushing the warm air downwards. 

Change your upholstery 

Not just does seasonally changing your bedding upholstery freshen up the room, it even is a great way to keep your home cool. While fabrics like fleece and flannel are good for insulation, cotton and linen are smarter moves for the summertime as they breathe more and help to keep your house cooler. 

Curtains and shutters

For better insulation, another eco way is to use cooling curtains and shutters. Using these, you will keep the heat from entering your house. Consider having shutters outside the windows as it will reduce the solar gain considerably, without keeping you in darkness too. 

Change your lights

Incandescent bulbs and lights waste ninety percent of the energy in heat that they emit. So, replacing them with CFLs will make a difference in cooling the home. At the same time, it will even reduce your electricity bill. 


Keeping your house cool does not just mean that you have to do everything green. There are a lot of ways through which you can reduce the temperature of your house. By making use of these eco-friendly ways to keep your home cool and fresh, you can maintain a refreshing environment that soothing and pleasing. 

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