How To Stick To Your Goals in 2020

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We conducted a short survey in Essex about setting goals and making resolutions, and the results were quite surprising. Around 85 percent of all those asked said that they had failed to follow their new year resolutions within the first 4 weeks of the year. 40 percent said they just did not have the time or energy to exercise, and 35% had lost interest. 9% admitted that they simply forgot about it by the third or fourth week, with life taking over, aka business as usual. 

Many people struggle to stick to their new year resolutions, and the majority have forgotten them by the time February comes around. Typically, it’s the same objectives every year; eat a little less, drink a little less, go to the gym more and invest a little more time doing the things we know are good for us and our loved ones. But might there be a better way to approach this? Instead of setting the same personal objectives every year, why not follow our advice and make this the year you finally achieve your goals. 

Look back and review your year

Many people set impossible targets every year, and we clearly don’t stick to them at any other time of the year. What use are these great intentions if we can’t follow through with them? One way to reverse that trend is take a look at where you’ve already been successful over the previous twelve months and see if you can amplify what you’re already good at.

It’s time to sit down with a pen and paper and figure out how the last year has gone; audit 2019 to see what worked for you, what didn’t and see if you can come up with a plan for a happier and healthier you during 2020.

Try breaking down this approach into two key areas; things that made you healthier, fitter and stronger and things that made you happier (or not so fit or happy as the case may be).

Check out your calendar and your photos

A good way to do this is to review your year electronically. If you take a whistle stop tour of your social media photo streams and memories, you’ll undoubtedly find some highlights, and maybe some low lights. Do the same with your Google calendar (or the one on your wall). Look at the things you’ve done, who you’ve done them with and how they made you feel.

With your list in hand it’s time to filter it a little bit. Try to break it down into things you can do something about, and things you can’t. The things you can’t do anything about should be discarded. After all, you have no control over them so there’s little point in dwelling on them. The things that are under your control are a different matter. Made a little extra cash at the Unibet Casino? Felt great going running with your pal in the Spring? Lost a little weight cutting out the booze in Dry January and felt better for it? Hung out often with that friend who makes everything a drama and felt the life being sucked out of you? 

Create your final list

It shouldn’t take long to create a sensible list of things you know will make you happier and healthier and that are perfectly achievable and you know you can stick to, alongside a list of things to avoid that make you sad or unhealthy. Stick to this and you’ll power your way to a wonderful 2020. 

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