8 Ways to Bring Natural Light into Your Essex Home

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Nothing is as beautiful as the feeling of sunshine on your face on those chilly winter mornings. What is better is to bring the sunshine directly in your home that will lift your spirit, enhance wellbeing and save on energy. 

Fortunately, the various benefits of increased natural light in your home have not gone unseen as the potential buyers are looking for “lots of sunshine and natural light” as one of the key features when they look for a new home. 

So here, we discuss the top ways to bring more natural light into your home. Have a look and try to use them in your daily life. 

Neutral paints 

Colours tend to either reflect or absorb light. The darker shades absorb light, and so a dark grey room will look dull as compared to the one that is painted white, cream, or even light grey. Lighter colours act just like a mirror, and they bounce light around. 

When painting, don’t just think about the walls, include the ceiling too. When you paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than your walls, automatically, the room will look larger and brighter. 

Skylights add that extra light

Skylights are a great way to bring more natural light in your home. These lights are available in different sizes and shapes and are used in spaces like family rooms, bathrooms, etc. You will need a professional to put the skylights in place for you. Make sure that the lights are fit perfectly without any leakage. Skylights are even the perfect light magnets and not just let the sunlight in, but even the moonlight may be able to get in your house. 

Adding more gloss

Higher the gloss level, the higher is the light reflectance. In other words, light bounces off the surface that is painted with high gloss paint as compared to the one with a matte sheen. Using glossy paint for the walls will give you a mirror-like effect. But that doesn’t also mean that you should use glossy paint only. If you love the matte finish, for getting natural light, you may try to have eggshell or semi-gloss. 

Reflective tiles

Reflective or glass tiles are surely the next best thing to consider in your bathroom or kitchen backsplash. In that perfect natural light, these tiles will reflect more than 100 percent light that hits on their surface. Apart from glass, try to have high gloss ceramic ties that are equally reflective. For more reflection, you can even opt to install the metallic backsplash reflective tiles. 

Play with the windows 

Adding some window changes like Roman shades block the sunlight even if they are open. But the sheer draperies are easy to open to let in natural light. You can choose to hang a single drapery and not double. So it is good to install larger doors and windows and try keeping them open during the daytime. Plantation shutters in Essex is more popular and a way to have more natural light into your home.

Pay attention to the growing trees and shrubs 

Just check outside your windows to see if some trees or shrubs are hampering natural light to come into your home. If so, consider to cut them with a saw or loppers. This will help to get in more light. Also, consider the fact that the sun shines from various points all through the day. So even if the trees or shrubs are not blocking sunshine from getting in the morning, they may do it in the afternoon. It is thus better to check natural light in your home at different times of the day. 

Replacing furniture and adding mirrors 

Remove all dark furniture in your home and replace it with lighter shades wherever possible, mainly if they are blocking the light from doors and windows. Pay attention to curtains and blinds, too, as dark window options can block the natural light from getting into your home. Place mirrors to reflect natural light. You can also try different sizes of mirrors, and they will even make the room look bigger, while at the same time increasing the amount of light getting in. 

Washing the windows

Regularly cleaning and washing the windows and glass doors will help you to let more natural light get into your home. 

Using these ideas and tips, we are sure you can turn even the darkest or smallest of rooms feel spacious by letting in more natural light. 

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