Want some Caribbean air for your next holiday? Aruba should be on top of your list

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Vacations, besides being a time to rest, have become a space for reconnection. When we plan them, we not only look for places to visit, but also for destinations that allow us to renew ourselves and have a greater contact with ourselves.

Being in contact with nature reduces not only stress, but also feelings such as fear and anger. Direct contact with a natural environment contributes to physical well-being, reducing the production of stress hormones.


So, Caribbean holidays are perfect if you are looking for a place to be in contact with nature, and Aruba is one of the iconic places to stay at. Before mentioning the best places of this Happy Island, you should visit barcelo.com/en-gb/offers/black-friday/ and choose the ideal room for you to stay with incredible discounts.

Places to go

Arikok National Park

To get a dimension, Arikok National Park represents more than 20% of this Happy Island, that is about 9,900 acres full of fauna and flora. When you visit it, besides seeing beautiful natural contrasts, you will be able to find trails for hiking and biking. 

The magic of this place is that, being so big, you can explore and discover your own path. For relaxation you will find some of the best beaches in the Caribbean such as Dos Playas.

Guadirikiri Cave

Stalactites, stalagmites, aboriginal rock art, bats and much more can be found in the caves of Aruba, full of contrasts, light and shadow. The Guadirikiri Cave has a particularly imposing appearance thanks to a stream of light that penetrates its interior from its highest part.

Here you can let yourself be carried away by the magical sound of the silence of nature. This cave is located in the Arikok National Park and there are two more that you can visit upon entering.

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

One of those breathtaking places to visit. The majesty of the more than 80 species of birds present in the sanctuary, the intense green that surrounds its streams, the sea and an observation tower that offers a dreamlike view. Not only bird lovers will enjoy the sanctuary, but anyone who wants to live a different experience.

Sand dunes

This is how the immensity of Aruba is lived, without limits. The sand dunes are an oasis of tranquility that will take you away from the crowds and take you to a single destination: your peace of mind. The California Dunes in Hudishibana are one of those tourist places that seem not to have been visited by anyone thanks to their grandeur.

Ayo and Casibari: The rocky giants

The mountains and rocks seem to be sleeping giants that decided to take a perhaps very long pause. Many myths and stories exist around these formations; however, what is certain is that the rock formations of Aruba are a spectacle in the middle of a plain that offer the possibility of being children again while exploring.

The beaches

Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the color of the sea, its soft sand and the company of its people form an ideal setting for you to connect with yourself. Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Druif Beach are just a few examples.

Natural swimming pool

On a deserted stretch of coastline, the shocking spectacle of waves crashing against the rocks are frequent, when the tide comes in fast to the shore. The exclusive natural pool is also known as “Conchi” (bowl) or “Cura di Tortuga” (turtle cave) and is located within the Arikok National Park. 

If you are looking for places to go on vacation that provide fun and disconnection at the same time, here is your answer.

Flora and fauna

Aruba enjoys a great exuberance in its fauna and flora. In 2020 the presence of turtles tripled, the same has happened with hammerhead and tiger sharks, which is an excellent opportunity for lovers of water sports such as diving and snorkeling to be a little closer to these fantastic animals.

The California Lighthouse

Lighthouses are those connectors between land, sea and sky. At night, the light links them. The ancient stone California Lighthouse known as Hudishibana is located near the northwestern tip of the island. Here, in addition to finding a unique connection with nature, you will be able to contemplate it in all its splendor.

Bushiribana Ruins

The ruins bring a link between past and present, that magical union that shows us a trace of our ancestors. The remains of the gold mines, located in Arikok Park, are an ideal space to think, to breathe and enjoy a different and fantastic scenery.

You already have some of the most representative places to visit in Aruba, now put together your own list and take a breath of fresh air.

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