New Tandoori Restaurant Opens in Great Baddow

Baddow Tondoori, Great Baddow
Baddow Tondoori, Great Baddow
Baddow Tondoori, Great Baddow

Great Baddow now has its own Tandoori restaurant. Last week the Baddow Tandoori opened. It is on Church Street and occupies the building which was previously home to La Vista and Gerrado’s before that.

Book Now: Tel: 01245 478884 / 471100

Opening Times

  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Lunch: 12pm – 2pm
  • Dinner: 5pm – 11pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 11pm

The Menu

The menu has a varied selection of regional Indian dishes. For starters there are some interesting dishes such as the Rangeen Capsicum and Sylheti Special Mix Kebab. They have a good selection of tandoori dishes, as is expected at a Tandoori restaurant. The Hash Pura Shaslik is something a little different – duck grilled with peppers, onions and tomatoes.

They have a few special Thalis, some Masala dishes. Kurma, Malaya, Pasanda and Rogan. There are also balti dishes and a selection of chef’s specialities, such as the Emley Lamb, Chicken Tikka Razala, Chicken Makanwala and the Mulie Sizzler. Overall an interesting and varied menu.

They do a Sunday Buffet with 20 different items plus poppadoms.

When is was Gerrado’s and La Vista’s it had a bar area, downstairs pizza bar and a more exclusive upstairs restaurant which served an al la carte menu. Baddow Tandoori serves Indian meals in the restaurant and also does takeaways.

Great Baddow now has a fish and chip shop, Chinese restaurant and takeaway, Russell’s English and European restaurant and a cafe in the Vineyards shops (The Glass House, previously Tiffany’s). Along with 3 pubs (the Kings Head appears to be closed again, but the White Horse and Blue Lion are both good pubs), Great Baddow has a lot to offer in the evening for a village.

This is not strictly Great Baddow’s first Indian restaurant as Yasmin on Baddow Road (previously the Carpenters Arms) provides excellent food. However, it is 20 minutes walk from the Sandon side of Great Baddow.

As soon as we get the opportunity to eat there a review will be added.

16 Comments on “New Tandoori Restaurant Opens in Great Baddow”

  1. The menu was fabulous and the food was delicous….definately coming again!!!!!
    The lamb shank was exquisite…..

  2. The akbaari chicken was to die for with lots of keema naan and lemon rice……yum yum

  3. Great Food, Excellent service and very good value. We will be back regularly.

  4. Disappointing visit. We booked a table, it was pretty empty when we arrived. We ordered our food and then waited. And waited. Several customers came in for takeaways and got their food long before we did. After complaining they started rushing about frantically. It all seemed a bit disorganised. The food was not great. Bit of a disappointment. We’ll be going back to Yasmin.

  5. We ordered a takeaway over the phone, just simple, nothing complex. 2 chicken tikka masala, naan and poppadoms. My husband fetched it and when we opened it we had lamb tiika masala and no poppadoms. They did give us a complimentary beer, but the food was not right, and it did not look like, or taste like, tikka masala. When we complained they said that it was because they do not use colourings. But it tasted wrong too.

  6. very good customer service,top quality food ever i had.i had ”al karisma” it was one of the best curry in chelmsford.i recomend to people go and try their food and enjoy

  7. We use the baddow tandoori at a regular base both for take aways and eating in.. and my favorite dish is Chicken Guldubba it is one of the best dishes i’ve ever tasted, no any other indian resturants or take aways do this sort of dish. My wife tried a chicken makanwala and it was the best!!! This is our favorite two dishes, we always order those two dishes. The staff are very friendly and the service is amazing!!!

  8. A quick and simple takeaway, NOT!!!! Ordered our food & when we got it home the food order was completely wrong. Called to inform them only to be told it’s something to do with food colouring….. The food was cold and extremely disappointing and the lack of customer service was a joke. I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND OR EVER EAT THERE AGAIN. You’ve been warned 0 out 10

  9. i got a take away last friday,and food was rubbish.i had a chicken korma,and korma meant to be very sweet but it was salty,absolutely rubbish food ,im not going again..f***

  10. Had a great meal – staff were very attentive and helpful, suggesting different dushes from the ones we normally would have had. Good price and we will definitely return

  11. Rubbish food ,we had a chicken korma take away.and korma meant to be very sweet ,but it was very salty.not going again.waste money


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  13. Staff were very friendly and accomodating. Turned up on a Saturday evening without a booking and they went out of their way to make room for us. Food was great, the service was quick, no complaints. Would recommend to anyone in the local area looking for a nice quiet meal with a friend, partner or in a larger group.

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