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Electric Cars Need Less Fossil Fuel Than Diesel Cars

Tesla Model S

As road traffic continues to increase across Essex, councils are looking for ways to reduce congestion, and the pollution that comes with it. A move to electric vehicles is the only viable long-term solution, but ultimately, electric vehicles still need fossil fuels to be burned for the generation of electricity.

Goldlay Gardens Brings New Affordable Apartments To Chelmsford City Centre

Goldlay Gardens in Chelmsford

Essex County Council tackles the housing shortage A new housing development in Chelmsford city centre is part of a wider strategy to develop brownfield sites and empty public buildings The New Year looks set to be an exciting one for the Chelmsford housing market as new city centre housing development, Goldlay Gardens, nears completion. The…

Snow, Ice and Floods Expected in Essex This Winter

Essex Facing Snow, Ice and Floods This Winter Although we are currently having some of the mildest December weather on record, cold, wet and icy weather is expected in Essex this winter. However, less than a month ago, weather experts predicted a white Christmas, and the county is bathed in relatively warm sunshine today. The…

Outdoor Ice Skating in Essex

Colchester Castle ice rink

An ever popular source of entertainment in the winter time, outdoor ice rinks have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. But how are they put together and run?

Essex Votes To Leave The EU – But What Does It Actually Mean?

Brexit UK leaves EU

Essex, along with the rest of the East of England, has voted to leave the EU. Two of the UK’s top 5 leave districts are in Essex: in Castle Point 72.7% of the voters chose to leave, while in Thurrock the 72.3% voted Leave. In Basildon, 68.6% of people voted to leave. The total votes for the…

Why Is Essex Turning to Artificial Grass?

Artificial lawns

Summer is in full swing, but who knows how many months, weeks, maybe even days it will last for. The last thing you want to do is waste all of the summer hours tending to your lawn, luckily there is an alternative.