Chelmsford Army and Navy Flyover Closes Indefinitely

Chelmsford Army and Navy

Today Essex County Council have announced that the Chelmsford flyover, which is on the main route into the city, will close immediately for an indefinite period.

Engineers have identified a serious structural defect – one supporting pillar has shifted by an inch (2.5cm).

The problem was discussed in parliament today (11th Sep, 2018) and featured on BBC One News (watch it here today – watch from 18.29).

Alternative Routes into Chelmsford

The Great Baddow bypass, which feeds into the flyover, will no doubt be heavily congested until the problems are fixed. It is the main route into the city from the south and east of Chelmsford. The only alternative options are:

  1. Take the A12 to exit 19 (Boreham) and enter the city from the north through Springfield, avoiding the A138 which leads back to the Army and Navy roundabout.
  2. Enter the city from the A414 / London Road from Junction 15 of the A12

Both are long detours, but the alternative is to get stuck in heavy traffic on the Essex Yeomanry Way. During the summer, when local traffic is relatively light, the flyover was closed for a couple of weeks and traffic was back up past Great Baddow.

The state of the flyover was recently raised by residents in Great Baddow following the proposal to close Baddow Road and install a busgate. Many people feel that the only solution to Chelmsford congestion is to build a 2 way flyover, however, this may not be possible without closing the Army and Navy roundabout completely for a prolonged period. However, the alternative, which is to attempt to repair a 40 year old structure that is showing serious signs of corrosion, may not be viable either.

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