Continence Awareness Week 20-26 September

As part of Continence Awareness Week (20-26 September) NHS South East Essex, is hosting a series of sessions to inform residents of the wealth of choice and availability of NHS treatments, products and medicines that are available via our nurse specialists.

Approximately one in four people experience problem with their bladder control and one in 10 people have bowel problems. Also 1 in 12 children in the UK also struggle with bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and soiling.

To find out what help is available, come and see NHS South East Essex at one of sessions below. Alternatively call the Continence Advisory Service helpline: 01268 448 507.

NHS Continence Awareness Sessions

  • 6 September Leigh Primary Care Centre – 9:30 – midday
  • 9 September Thurrock Walk in Centre 9:30 – midday
  • 13 September Wickford Library 9:30 – midday
  • 16 September Eastgate Centre 9:30 – midday
  • 17 September Rayleigh Library 9:30 – midday
  • 20 September Tyrells Health Centre, Benfleet 9:30 – midday
  • 22 September Civic Centre, Southend 9:30 – midday
  • 29 September Billericay Library 9:30 – midday

Incontinence can develop at any stage of life, regardless of age or gender, however there is a social stigma surrounding incontinence which prevents many people seeking help. Lots of people attempt to conceal their symptoms from family and friends by adopting a ‘put up and shut up’ attitude. Nevertheless, up to 80 per cent of urinary incontinence can be treated successfully.

NHS South East Essex offers a Continence Awareness Service which provides specialist advice, care, treatment and support for patients, carers, families across south east Essex. The Continence Advisory Service is led by nurses who are all experts in the field of continence. Its aim is to improve the quality of life for local people with continence issues ensuring the dignity, self-esteem, and independence of all patients is maintained.

Having been referred by a health care professional, all patients are given an initial assessment. A variety of treatments are then recommended – tailored to individual patient’s needs, these include bladder retaining, pelvic floor exercises and a range of discreet gadgets. Reassessments are then done annually, or as needs require.

Lynne McEwan, Continence Nurse Specialist said:

“We meet so many people who think they are the only one with incontinence problems – it’s actually amazingly common. Unfortunately many people tend to rely on shop-bought products rather than tackling the problem head on.

“I’d like to urge people to seek help and not just put up with the problem and suffer in silence. Sometimes the thought of doing something is far more frightening than the reality.”

Following referral, NHS South East Essex’s continence services are provided at

  • Hadleigh Clinic
  • Kent Elms Clinic, Leigh
  • Central Canvey Primary Care Centre, Canvey Island
  • Raphael House, Rochford
  • Rayleigh Clinic
  • Thorpedene Clinic, Shoebury
  • Tyrells, Benfleet
  • Warrior House, Southend
  • Westcliff Clinic

Home visits can also be arranged where a patient necessary.

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