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AB Taxis car imageTypical Fares and Travel Times from Major Essex Towns To London

Book your taxi well in advance to gain access to the best London West-End and airport transfer rates available from each major town in the county of Essex.

The home county of Essex is perfectly placed to the north-east of London. You can escape the hustle and bustle of the capital during the day but are still near enough to pop in for a weekend of shopping, clubbing or enjoying a West End show. Whilst you might consider using public transport to make the journey into London, don’t disregard the idea of taking a cab into the capital. If you book in advance and share the cost with your fellow passengers, you’ll be surprised by what an affordable option taxis are in comparison to the ever-increasing cost of train fares.

Here are some taxi firms to use in the largest towns in Essex.

A&B Taxis Basildon

Close to Central London than many Essex towns, the travel time is approximately 1 hour. A trip with A&B taxis to the West End will set you back £75. Airport transfers are also available from £60 to Gatwick, £80 to Heathrow, £45 to London City and £52.50 to Stansted. Book on 01268 555 555.

Stansted Airport Minicabs

Stansted Minicabs stress the importance of pre-booking a car at least 24 hours before you need it. This will enable you to enjoy the best rates available. Last-minute cabs are available but they come at a significant premium. Call their booking line on 01279 816901. A trip into Central London for 1-4 passengers costs from £60 and should take just under an hour. An airport transfer service to Heathrow Airport will cost £83 or to Gatwick the price will be £94.

Davis Cars Chelmsford

This 24 hour service offers taxi rides on every day of the year from Chelmsford. The cost of a trip to the West End is priced at £75 which takes roughly an hour. Airport transfers are also available at £30 to Stansted, £70 to Gatwick, £75 to Heathrow and £50 for London City. Call 01245 46 88 00 to book. More info:

David’s Taxi Southend

David supplies a full list of peak and off-peak fares from Southend. He charges £79 for an off-peak trip to the West End or £92 at peak times which will take at least 70 minutes. His off-peak fares to the main local airports are £86 to Heathrow, £73 to Gatwick, £55 to London City and £58 to Stansted. His peak rates are £99 to Heathrow, £85 to Gatwick, £66 to London City and also £66 to Stansted. Call or text David to book on 07504 627498.

Tim Prollins Taxis Brentwood

Tim Prollins offers a wheelchair accessible service and is fully licensed with Brentwood Borough Council. He offers trips priced at £77 to London’s West End which will take roughly 53 minutes. Heathrow and Gatwick are also priced at £77. A journey to Stansted Airport will cost £42 or £43 to London City Airport. Call the main booking lines on 01277 218611 or 07956 219481.

Mini Cab Services Colchester

Known as ‘five and five fours’ due to their booking number of 01206 544444, this local Colchester firm operates taxis to the West End of London priced at £86.10 which will take approximately 90 minutes. Airport transfers are also available from £35 to Stansted, £90 to Gatwick and £95 to Heathrow.

When taking a taxi, it’s vital that you protect your personal safety by only ever using a reputable registered taxi company which uses professional drivers and holds valid taxi insurance in place.

Book your taxi now to gain access to special offers and cheap prices.

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