The Great Baddow BMX track

Great Baddow BMX track
Autumn Outdoor Fun in Great Baddow

The local community in Great Baddow got together to build a BMX track in a Great Baddow park. The Baddow Hall Park was popular for dog walkers and although has a children’s play area was generally very quiet. The addition of the new BMX track really has brought fresh life to the park.

BMX racing is now an Olympic sport, although it is done on much larger tracks than this one. BMX racing  is seeing a resurgence after many years in decline. Like mountain biking BMX racing is a fantastic outdoor activity that is fun for all the family.

Many of the people behind the Baddow BMX track are fathers who used to race as children during the 1980’s and are now taking their sons and daughters to the track to learn how to ride the burns, table tops and double whoops! You can find out more on their Facebook page, the Baddow Hall Pump Track.

The Baddow BMX track follows on from the Great Baddow outdoor gym that was built in the Spring of 2011. Great Baddow seems to be leading the way in park regeneration at the moment.

In 2012 Chelmsford City Council organised BMX courses for children during the summer holidays at the pump track. BMXing is proving to be very popular once again.

The track was officially opened on 15th October 2011 by The Mayor of Chelmsford and Chair of Great Baddow Parish Council.

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