Essex Weather Forecast

Essex weather photo

Below you can find Essex weather forecasts Chelmsford, Clacton-on-Sea, Colchester, Southend, Basildon and Harlow. We could not include all Essex towns but have covered most of the county.

Chelmsford Forecast

[weatherlayer country=”England” city=”Chelmsford CM1″]


[weatherlayer country=”England” city=”Clacton”]

Southend-on-Sea Forecast

[weatherlayer country=”England” city=”Southend-On-Sea”]


[weatherlayer country=”England” city=”Colchester”]

Harlow Forecast

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Basildon Forecast

[weatherlayer country=”England” city=”Basildon”]

The Climate of Essex

Essex weather photo
Skies of Essex on 7th September 2012

While many people across the UK are complaining about the rain, high winds, sleet and snow, Essex is often bathed in sunlight. Essex is the driest county in England.

Some areas are so dry that they are officially classed as being semi-arid, which is the climate classification given to an area that received less that 50 cm of rain a year. St Osyth, near Clacton-on-Sea, has been declared the driest place in the UK (which may explain all the holiday parks!)

By comparison, the Lake District receives 330 cm a year, 6.6 times more than Essex. Kent, which is just to the south and one of the warmest counties in the UK, receives around 73 cm of rain every year.

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  1. Essex is not semi-arid. The Koppen Climate Classification used to calculate whether a place is semi arid if applied to Essex makes Essex fall way short of being semi-arid.

    For example. Chelmsford gets roughly 592mm a year on average.
    The mean temperature is 10.3C

    The classification calculation gives a precipictation threshhold of 348mm for Essex, so the rainfall would have to be below this amount to be classed as semi-arid.
    As you can see, the annual rainfall in Essex is way above this threshold.

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