Tendering Council To Increase Safety Patrols On Beaches This Summer

No Swimming Sign

The Essex Council Getting Ready For A Busy Season At Popular Essex Beaches

Tendering Council are all set for a busy season on their beaches, and already have plans and patrols in place to keep you all safe.

The weather is starting to improve, and that means one thing for the teams responsible for beaches in Tendering – preparation for what will hopefully be a busy season on some of their most popular beaches. Tendering district council has taken on 30 staff or weekend, bank holiday and summer roles throughout the 2016 season.

Local Roles For Local People

The 30 staff employed by Tendering District Council have all been recruited from the district, and will use their local knowledge alongside training to carry out a variety of jobs on and around the beach areas. The varied jobs include beach patrols, parking and seafront officers, and seafront wardens who will work alongside local emergency services to help keep visitors safe.

Staff will be on duty at the most popular beaches in the district which include Dovercourt, Walton, Frinton, Brightlingsea, Clacton. Patrols have already started in Walton and at Clacton’s West Beach – where you’ll see their presence from 11am – 6pm weekends and bank holidays. Brightlingsea, Dovercourt, Frinton and Martello Bay in Clacton will have teams in place during the same hours from the Whitsun weekend. You’ll also see staff working through the school holiday period on weekdays from 11am – 5pm.

With 1,000 incidents or more each year, these extra staff play an important role beachfront, offering information on general beach safety, facilities in the area, approaching people in violation of dog and cycling bylaws, and working together with the full time seafront rangers and enforcement officers to tackle anti-social behaviour. It’s all about keeping the beaches in Tendering safe and happy places for visitors, and ensuring incidents are dealt with promptly, but it’s not just staff that play their part in beach safety.

Beach Safety And Signage

No Swimming Sign
No Swimming Sign – Cube Safety Supplies

Knowing your signs is an important way of staying safe at the beach, and the value in visible and clear signage can never be underestimated. You’ll often see a mix of solid signs and flags indicating anything from the weather conditions, to where it’s safe to swim and what different areas of the water might be used for.

There might be signs for shallow or deep water, warning visitors not to use surfboard or inflatables, or to be wary of sudden drops. Common flags include orange windsocks indicating dangerous wind conditions, red flags indicating danger and no entry to the water, and red and yellow striped flags which shows the beach patrols are on duty. Sometimes there are also black and white checked flags, which mark out areas for watercraft – there’s no swimming in these zones. Some beaches also display no swimming signs (pictured) in areas where swimming is never safe.

If in doubt the beach patrol are always ready with advice on beach safety and the signs on any particular beach, but as a general rule find the red and yellow flags and swim between them, where other people are swimming. Be aware of the signs and what they mean for your safety and you’ll be on your way to having a great time on the coast.

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