Betting on Football: the Modern Variant for Horse Betting Fans?

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For some time now, sports betting is becoming more and more popular. The focus lies particularly on football, as this sport is the one with the biggest fanbase globally. As there is a lot of competition in the market, the bookmakers have to use marketing tools like bonuses to lure new customers.

But how do these football bets actually work? Are they really an alternative for those who otherwise like to place their bets at the racecourse? Here we take a closer look at how sports betting works and why it is so popular. 

Most important for sports betting on football is the right bookmaker

If you want to bet on football matches online, you first need a bookmaker. There is a large selection on the market and a comparison is worthwhile. It is particularly important to pay attention to the welcome bonus. To attract new customers, most online bookies offer an interesting bonus for the first deposit of real money. This mainly consists of doubling the first deposit up to a certain amount. 

It is important that the special conditions are also considered in this case. Are these realistic or hardly achievable? Difficult conditions for the bonus turnover make the offer seem less attractive. Some bookies even offer free bets which give the opportunity for a risk-free start.

Football betting is available in different variants

When betting on football matches, you start with a blank betting slip. Now the player must decide on the type of bet. Anyone dealing with the topic of football betting for the first time should first get to know the types of bets. Ideally, newcomers to this sector should first opt for the single bet. It is simple, easy to calculate, but does not offer as high profits as the system bet. On the other hand, it gives the player a feeling for the game.

Single bets 

Here, bets are placed on a single result. This type of bet is particularly beginner-friendly. 

Combo bet

This type of bet consists of several individual bets that are combined with each other which increases the odds by multiplying them.

System bet

This betting system is highly complex. An entire series of bets are placed and you can win even though you don’t hit every match.

The single bet at a glance

The single bet is the classic variant and is considered to be particularly popular. Here the similarity to typical horse bets can be found. At the racetrack, a specific horse is rewarded with a stake; in the football singles bet, the stake relates to a team. The bettor’s task is to predict the outcome of the match. 

Depending on the betting offer, different events may be available. The single bet does not require extensive prior knowledge, as only three possible options are available. 

  • Team A wins
  • Team B wins
  • Draw 

The bet becomes a win if the predicted result occurs. If a player bets on team A to win, and it occurs, the winnings are paid out according to the previously determined odds. If, on the other hand, team B wins, the bet is lost and the bet is deemed to have failed. 

Combination bets are a lucrative alternative for advanced players

Combination bets are somewhat more complex because here several individual bets are combined into one overall bet. There are no limits here, there are two-way combos, three-way combos and other variants. As soon as all individual bets in the combination bet prove to be correct, it is considered to be won. 

An example: Several football matches take place in one evening. Several individual tips are now placed as a combination bet. This could look like this: A stake of 20 EUR on the victories of Bayern Munich from Germany, Paris SG, Manchester United and Inter Milan. 

Each of these games has different odds, at the end overall odds are calculated. When all matches are finished and all tips were correct, the winnings are paid out. If there was a typing error, all other bets are void and no winnings are made. 

For combined bets, it makes sense to have a certain basic expertise. An analysis of the teams’ previous successes is just as important here as knowledge of the current status of the players. Smaller combined bets consisting of two individual bets are sufficient for the beginning. 

The system bet: only a good idea for professionals? 

The system bet is significantly more expensive than all other bet types, but cushions the risk of loss somewhat. This type of bet is highly complex, here several combination bets are combined with each other. The available options are referred to as betting lines. 

In a system bet, not all tips have to be correct, there are differences depending on the type: 

  • “2 out of 3”-system: Winning is when two of the three bets have been correctly placed.
  • “3 out of 4”-system: Wins if three of the four tips are placed correctly. 
  • “3 out of 5”-system: Winning is when three of the five tips are placed correctly. 

These are only three examples of many, sports betting with a system can be combined almost limitlessly. Attention must also be paid to the betting series, as different combinations are possible. 

For example, the first and second tip of a triple combination could be correct, but it could also be the first and third tip. In a classic bet in the 3 out of 5 system, there are ten different combinations in different arrangements. 

Other bet types that are available depending on the provider 

After the three basic types have been explained, there are often many other types of bets that are no less popular. Probably the most frequently used bet in sport, which can also be called a single bet, is the over/under bet. Here, the bet is not on the exact result of a game, but on the course of the game. 

For example, a bet could be called “Over 2.5”. Here the question is asked whether the match will end with at least three goals or less than three goals scored. The bet is therefore not on a team, but on the overall course of the match. 

Other well-known and popular bets are the handicap bet with a team’s lead, the half-time bet with a view to the result at half-time or the clean sheet bet, in which a team must play to nil. 

Sports betting on football is so popular because of its diversity

In fact, it is the variety of sports betting that makes this outcome a popular alternative to a visit to the racecourse. Although the pleasure of watching the horses run is still great, there is variety here. In addition, there is no need for the dress code that often prevails at the racecourse.

Many betting providers provide live results so that the respective match can be followed closely. The focus is not only on your own national league, you can bet globally on many betting markets. For everyone who already enjoyed horse betting, football bets could be a great thing to try.

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