Which are the Best Plants for Landscaping in Essex?

landscaped garden view from above in Essex with grey gravel and colourul borders

Landscaping is just a valuable addition to any property. Tropical gardens are getting increasingly popular for residential landscaping properties. If you are planning on landscaping in Essex, we do recommend you to pick tropical plants for their exotic and relaxing appeal. Most people agree that having a flourishing tropical garden is like being on holiday without ever leaving home.

We recommend tropical gardens for homes because of their lush and soothing foliage that makes impactful and contemporary landscaping. Tropical plants are best for landscaping because of their nature to survive in cold temperatures. Also, they are extensively low-maintenance; all you have to care about is to keep them well-watered.

For the best landscaping Essex, we recommend you mix the tropical plants with British plants to create a framework where the backdrop is made of typical English garden stalwarts like sedge, carex, miscanthus, and hosta while the exotic tropical plants make for an alluring decoration.

Top ten tropical plants for landscaping

  1. Trachycarpus Fortunei

Known as the Chinese Windmill Palm, this tropical plant makes for exceptional landscaping. The lovely palm tree with its fibrous trunk, a stout, and large fan-shaped leaves gives your garden a beachy feel. Make sure you protect Trachycarpus fortunei against harsh winter winds.

  1. Dryopteris Filix-mas

More commonly known as the male fern, this plant is a variety of highly stubborn woodland fern most suitable to flourish in the native climatic conditions. You can expect this plant to survive in any weather, but we recommend it to be planted in the ground cover under the trees.

  1. Cordyline Australis

Mostly utilised for its ornamental appeal, the Cordyline Australis is a palm variety with singular leaves. This woody shrub is usually pruned into a tree shape by cutting the lower leaves. You can plant it in your garden near the edges where it acts as a natural barrier.

  1. Hosta

Now here’s a plant that you can use in your landscaping Essex for full or partial shade. Hosta is one of the best plants for great ground cover, and there’s a huge range of leaf variations to choose from. Just keep the plant well-watered, and it will add luxurious greenery to the garden for years.

  1. Chamaerops Humilis

If you are nurturing a tropical garden, then you need to have this shrubby palm tree that is commonly known as dwarf fan palm. It is most suitable for adding a good architectural angle to tropical planting in your garden. Water Chamaerops Humilis sparsely in winters to avoid rotting.

  1. Carex Comans

Garden bed is the most important part of the landscaping project. You will want grass in a range of colours and is strong enough to survive in all weather conditions. Carex Comans is a fine-leaved grass that is used in drifts mostly. From green to rusty red and white, this grass makes the garden appear ethereal when it sways in the wind.

  1. Phormium

To add some architecture and drama to your tropical garden landscaping Essex, you need a phormium plant. Known for its strong strap-like leaves, it is available it a wide range of colours ranging from green and yellow to black and red. Originating in New Zealand, the plant has a high survival rate.

  1. Zantedeschia aethiopica

Arum lily or Zantedeschia aethiopica is a flowery plant with glossy green foliage. For landscaping, it is used as a predominantly decoration of the lush green areas of the garden. It can survive in direct sunlight easily which is why you must have it in your garden.

  1. Ghost lady fern

Not always do the shiny bright colours make a garden appear alluring, but a silvery touch can make it surreal too. Ghost lady fern is a tropical garden plant that adds that magical silvery touch to your landscaping.

It is a great shade plant most popular for its silver foliage. Ghost lady fern is also the most tolerable to dry conditions than most other ferns.

  1. Dicksonia Antarctica

Originally an Australian species, Dicksonia Antarctica is a soft tree fern, which is an evergreen plant. Most used in landscaping large areas, it is suitable for small gardens as well. Requiring minimum maintenance, it keeps your garden looking green all season.

So these are the best plants you can plant for landscaping. If you have any other options in mind, do share it with us in the comments sections below. 

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