The Kings Head in Great Baddow Opens Again

The Kings Head

The Kings HeadOne of the oldest pubs in Chelmsford, the Kings Head on the Maldon Road in Great Baddow, is reopening once again on December 1st. The Kings Head closed in the summer but had since been taken over by local businessman Gary Jackson and his business partner, Chris Harding. The pub has been refurbished.

The new Kings Head will have 3 TV screens for sports, there will be free Wi-Fi for smartphone and iPad users. There will be a new menu with burgers, nachos and salads.

“The ultimate aim is a clean and relaxing pub that’s popular with the younger crowd and fast and affordable working lunches”. Gary Jackson speaking to the Great Baddow Blog.

The Kings Head is a traditional one bar pub it has one of the nicest enclosed beer gardens in the region which means it has great potential to attract local families.

The past managers of the Kings Head had let it become run down. Even though it had previous refurbishments, which saw many of he original traditional features replaced, it failed to attract new drinkers. The beer garden was for a while little more then a play area for the owners dog, and the beer was poorly kept (last time I went there one pint had lumps in and the next tasted of vinegar!).

Hopefully Gary Jackson will keep the beer pipes clean,  the beer fresh and the garden turned into a safe children’s play area (with no nettles and ponds) and plenty of swings and climbing frames!

The website is still in the development stages by the looks of things, but some information on there about their plans.

Karaoke Nights

There will be “professionally hosted Sunday karaoke nights with prizes for winners” for all the budding singers in the village.

Child Friendly Pub?

On their website they mention that the garden is under utilised and that Chelmsford currently lacks a good selection of child friendly pubs.

“Our plan is to introduce and install a children friendly play area to the rear of the garden.  This will include bouncy castle and BBQ days.”

Great news!

History of the King’s Head

According to the Essex Records Office deeds of the King’s Head (formerly the Naked Boy), Great Baddow date from 1615, making the King’s Head almost 400 years old.

In 1848, according to White’s Directory, a James Patten was resident, assumed landlord, of the King’s Head.

In 1920 it was home to Baddow Brewery, as can be seen by the photo of the Charabanc trip from that year. The Kings Head used to be a handy stop off for day trippers going from Chelmsford to Maldon, Clacton and Southend.

During the Second World War the King’s Head was an ARP base (Air Raid Precautions).

According to The pub used to have a bedroom for travellers which was called “the Crippens“.

During the 1990’s the Kings Head had several football teams playing in the Chelmsford & District Sunday Social League. According to the new Kings Head website (just discovered) there will be a new Kings Head football team.


  • 49 Maldon Road
  • Great Baddow
  • Chelmsford
  • Essex
  • CM2 7DN
  • Tel: 07514 880833
  • Web: The King’s Head

Gary Jackson is a local businessman who also runs Precreate Security, a professional security company providing services throughout the UK. Great to see a local business investing in the Great Baddow community.

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