3 things you should do in Essex, Number 1 is for Horse Racing Fans

Chelmsford City Racecourse

People who visit the UK know this country has much to offer. Besides going to London, there is a really cool place that is becoming more and more popular, and its name is Essex. It has tons of things to offer, especially if you haven’t been there before, so let’s dive in and learn more.

Visit the Chelmsford City racecourse

A lot of people in the UK like horse racing, so it is no surprise the sport is really popular. Like in other parts of the country, Essex also has its famous racecourse – Chelmsford City. People who are interested in this sport know that this track is famous.

Chelmsford City Racecourse opened its doors in 2008, and it is located in Great Leighs. What’s interesting is that it actually had the name Great Leighs Racecourse before, but the people behind it decided to change. Another interesting fact about it is that, at its opening in 2008, it was the first new racecourse in the UK since the one from 1927.

In fact, once you decide to explore the advantages of using Unibet Cheltenham’s offers, you can check the same betting website to see if there are any offers for this course. A lot of operators add different options so that people can choose something interesting.

Aside from the racetrack, this place has a lot more to offer. It is one of the more interesting towns in Essex that has loads of beautiful places, such as the Chelmsford Cathedral. This town is also known as the Birthplace of Radio because it began functioning in 1899.

While you are here, you can also visit places like the Hylands Estate, Chelmsford Theatre, Chelmsford Museum, Call of the Wild Zoo, and more. Of course, let’s also not forget the famous Bond Street, where you can find different shops.

Visit Colchester

While you are in Essex, you will find a lot of cool cities and places that have a lot ot offer. One of them is Colchester, which is among the largest settlements in Essex. According to some sources, this city has around 130K residents, and it is located around 90 KM from London.

Colchester has a vibrant history. Findings from a few years ago have revealed that this city has signs from the Bronze Age, as well as the Neolithic and the Iron Age. Of course, this was also a vital place during the Roman Empire because the Romans built a fortress there. In fact, a lot of sources claim this is the first fortress in Britain.

Besides the historic sights in Colchester, this place is also home to one of the best zoos in England. The Colchester Zoo has won tons of awards over the years, and today, it is home to more than 270 different species. 

Some of the younger people who visit Colchester may also associate this place with a story from a few years ago, where there was a betting site scandal that involved two men who were playing Fifa.

Visit Southend-on-Sea

Despite not being as famous as Colchester, many people interested in Essex also decide to visit Southend-on-Sea. This place has around 180,000 inhabitants and is one of Britain’s many coastal cities. 

There are a lot of interesting things about this place, such as the fact it is one of the driest in the country. In the summer, temperatures stay around 22C, whereas the winters do not go below 8C, meaning that the weather is good for exploring all year round. 

Speaking of exploring, this place has a lot to offer. People interested in it will find loads of parks, castles, and fun events. For example, there are things like helicopter tours, as well as the famous Zombie Scavengers Game. 

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