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A Guide to Selling Photographic Equipment

When it comes to selling your old cameras, using a camera exchange website can save you time and effort, providing you with almost instant cash for your camera.

Photography can be somewhat of an expensive hobby. While it’s true that the most important tools a photographer needs are creativity and an eye for composition, a decent camera also helps. When first starting out, a fairly basic model will probably meet your needs, but as your expertise grows you will undoubtedly outgrow your camera’s capabilities and find yourself looking to upgrade to a more advanced model.

Cameras and camera equipment can be costly, so in order to partly fund your new purchase it makes sense to sell your old model. However, to the uninitiated, selling photographic equipment can be somewhat of a minefield. Where and how will you find a buyer? What should you charge for your camera? How can you avoid getting ripped off?

Where to Sell

When it comes to deciding on where to sell your camera, there are a number of different options available to you.

Auction sites such as eBay can work well, enabling you to get your equipment before a large pool of potential buyers. However, you will be competing against lots of other sellers, and you might not get the price you were hoping for. It’s also worth remembering that these sites do take a small commission on any sales. Social media and selling sites such as Craigslist and Gumtree can also be effective channels to sell your camera, but you need to be aware of potential scams and be sure to take full payment before handing over any kit.

By far the easiest option is to sell your camera through a dealer in used photographic equipment who will do all the hard work on your behalf. You could go to a second-hand camera shop, but if you prefer the convenience of digital, there are also some great websites out there which buy and sell camera equipment. These have the advantage of providing you with an immediate quote and, once they receive the camera and check it over, issue immediate payment, often via a payment method of your choice.

Save Time and Effort

You may find that you make slightly less money through a dealer than with some of the other options as the dealer needs to take a cut. However, many people find it’s worth it when they consider the time and hassle it saves them. Many online dealers also enable you to send in your equipment free of charge, so you can save on the postage costs that you would have to shell out when using an auction site for example.

Getting the Best Price

However you choose to sell your camera, you want to ensure that you get the best possible price, and there are a few steps you can take to help achieve this.

Cameras which are presented in their original box tend to fetch higher prices, so always keep hold of that packaging. It also helps to have as many of the original accessories and add-ons as possible, such as charging cables, strap, software and instruction manual.

Similarly, the better condition your camera is in, the more you can expect to be paid for it. Some wear and tear is obviously to be expected, but try and protect your equipment as much as possible. Always use your lens and body caps, and protect the screen from scratches with an LCD overlay. And of course, always store and carry your equipment in a protective camera bag.

Lastly, be sure to present your camera in the best possible way. This means giving it a thorough clean and taking some quality images to showcase your equipment and make it look as attractive as possible (which shouldn’t be too difficult for a photographer!).

Selling your camera needn’t be a headache. By choosing the right sales channel and presenting your equipment in the best light, you should find that your camera sells in no time – leaving you free to go ahead and buy that fancy new camera you’ve had your eye on.

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