Essex Businesses are Looking Back and Moving Forward

Economic realities are taking little toll on festivities in Essex businesses, according to the latest survey from the regional Business Link service. However when reflecting on the year in business, responses are varied.

Recent news suggests that this year’s unstable economy has led to companies scaling back their festive celebrations, however findings from a recent survey from Business Link in the East of England highlight that only twelve per cent of Essex-based businesses have done so.

Reassuringly, over half of businesses represented in the survey will be conducting festivities, including a staff party, as usual.

In Essex, the picture is a largely a positive one with the majority (85%) of respondents optimistic about 2010. Clients and suppliers of sixty-one per cent of businesses in Essex that answered the survey will be pleased to know that traditions will be maintained, with glad-tidings in the form of corporate cards and/or gifts on their way.

For nine in 10 businesses in Essex, the recession has not affected the length of time that they will be closed over the festive period ­ for 25% this will be Bank Holidays only, for 55% the week between Christmas and New Year and 20% longer than a week. The survey revealed mixed reflections on 2009, with a third acknowledging the recession as being problematic, but feeling positive about the year ahead.

An equal number reported a good year and thriving businesses regardless of the recession. More than a quarter of respondents reported a predominantly positive year and one in five reported continued recession-led difficulties.

Pat Smith, Chief Executive of Business Link in the East of England said:

“Looking back over the past 12 months, businesses in Essex have told us that yes, it has been a challenging year, but they¹re optimistic about growth into the future. This is great news for them, the local community and the economy. During 2009 we flexed our services to meet the needs of businesses to give them the tailored support they wanted to help them survive and plan for the future. Our free workshops, experienced Business Link Advisers, web based resources and information service have all been available to and accessed by businesses, and will continue to be there to help them plan for and into 2010.”

For further information visit Business Link online ( or call 08457 17 16 15 and speak with an

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