Essex IT Firm Recommend Upgrading Old Computers to SSD

laptop in the park

laptop in the parkWhy You Should Upgrade Your Old Computers to SSD

Before you give up on your old laptop due to it being slow in comparison to newer models, find out whether simply upgrading to SSD will give you the extra speed you need. Stuart Macleod, the director of Networking 2000 in Romford, explains how to get the most out of an older computer.

When you buy a brand new computer, it can seem like almost no time before it becomes outdated and slower than its competitors. When you spend a lot of money on a new laptop, this can be very frustrating, especially if you need high speed for work and are forced to buy new laptops on a near annual basis.

However, it may be the case that instead of upgrading your entire laptop, you only need change from a spinning platter disk to a SSD disk. The difference an SSD disk can make to your computer can be nothing short of astounding.

What is an SSD disk?

SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drives are a step up from their regular HDD counterparts. You may not think your hard drive makes much difference to your computer’s speed, but this is far from the truth.

Not only are SSD drives faster than HDD drives, they are also more reliable, and sturdier. Able to withstand shakes, shocks, and knocks, SSD disks are perfect for laptops, especially if your job necessitates you to carry your laptop around with you a large amount of the time. It’s impossible not to have the odd bump as you travel around with your laptop, and knowing your hard drive can take it can be very reassuring.

How much of a difference does it make?

You’d be surprised of the difference between a regular HDD hard drive, and an SSD disk, an explanation detailing the change in the speed of your laptop between the two can be found here.

Traditionally, if you wanted your laptop or computer to be faster, you would upgrade your RAM. But there is only a certain amount this can do, and although it is an effective solution to a certain degree, it has its limitations.

An SSD disk can make all of the difference to the speed of your laptop and make your life substantially easier. Whether it is for work or home, an SSD card can make everything easier for you.

Browsing the internet, streaming or downloading video, and running applications are all sped up considerably. So whether you use your laptop for designing posters and editing photographs and video, writing long documents, or just keeping up to date with all of your social media profiles, an SSD disk will help you in every aspect of your computer usage.

How do I know if an SSD disk is for me?

There are few situations which would not be improved by an SSD disk. However an SSD disk does cost more per GB, although this is comfortably made up for through the considerably enhanced performance.

However, if you are not sure, then a quick phone call to an expert is all it will take to have everything explained to you and understand exactly how much of a difference can be made to your laptop by purchasing an SSD disk.

Speed is all important in every aspect of computing, and a HDD drive simply can’t cut it any more. Instead of suffering with a slow laptop, or being pressured into buying a new one, try simply upgrading to an SSD disk, it could change your life. If you would like assistance with upgrading any part of your IT infrastructure, contact us at Networking 2000 today.

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