Freelance SEO Essex Offer Free Digital Marketing Reviews for EDA Finalists

EDA 2016

EDA 2016A Great Deal for the County’s Thriving Businesses

Getting a nod at the Essex Digital Awards means that a few lucky businesses could boost their online campaigns for free!

The Essex Digital Awards are fast approaching, and last month the nominees for 2016 were announced. These businesses have contributed to the county’s growing digital economy, and their innovation and talent has rightful seen them nominated for an industry award. It’s not just the nod from the EDA that these companies have to be happy about though. Freelance SEO Essex are offering free search engine optimisation reviews and marketing strategies to all the companies on the short list as well.

Why is SEO Important?

No matter if a business is big or small, their online presence and awareness is intrinsic to the success of their company. In today’s online world, a great search engine optimisation strategy is simply invaluable. An experienced SEO specialist will be able to work around the limitations of the most popular search engines, identify the keywords that people are using and think about the best ways to get your content seen. The result? Well, you’re going to be one of the first sites a potential customer sees within a list of search engine results. This has a really positive impact on trade. After all, you can’t expect a customer to trawl through endless pages of search results. By being at the top, you’ll grab their attention – and keep it.

What the Offer Entails

For a company looking to give their online presence a bit of a boost, the offer from Freelance SEO Essex (FSE) is a great one. All of the nominees are entitled to a no obligation consultation, during which they will be able to discuss their SEO strategy with a firm that has lots of experience in the region. FSE have offices in Great Baddow, just outside Chelmsford, where any meetings can take place. Sometimes though, finding the time to travel for a meeting just isn’t an option. That’s why they’re willing to hold those consultations via a telephone call too.

After the initial meeting, businesses will receive a tailored list of recommendations and a step by step guide that will show them how to improve their search engine visibility. Considering that the exclusive review package is valued at £300+VAT, it’s something worth doing! For those worried about the catch – there isn’t one! No business will be under any obligation to work with FSE once the free review has been carried out. Of course, they’ll be willing to provide their services if you want them – but the choice will always be yours.

So, How Can You Get Involved?

So how should any of the eligible businesses go about taking advantage of this offer? If they are attending the EDA Presentation Evening in Colchester on 14th April, the FSE team will be available throughout the evening to set up meetings. They’ll also be able to provide general advice for anyone interested in developing their search campaign – and companies can get a feel of what it’s like to work with an experienced, friendly, local team. If you’re not going to be there, just get in touch! As long as you do so before 29th April, you can look forward to jump-starting your online campaign.

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