The Maldon Mud Race – A National Geographic Travel Writing Winner

Maldon mud race by Caroline Pickering

Maldon mud race by Caroline PickeringThe Famous Essex Mud Race Inspires a National Geographic Traveller

The next Mud Race is on Sunday 1 May 2016 at Promenade Park, Maldon

Essex and mud – a home grown combination that scooped Caroline Picking a travel writing prize, but are there greater photography and travel writing opportunities abroad?

The world famous Maldon mud race proved successful for one entrant of the National Geographic Traveller’s Travel Writing Competition. Caroline Picking entered the 2015 Travel Writing Competition run by the magazine, and was announced as the runner-up with her tales of the Maldon Mud Race, and it’s barmy army of dressed up participants – think goblins, Vikings, fairies, super heroes, and even a few monks thrown in for good measure. You can read the article on the National Geographic Traveller magazine.

Caroline painted a hugely entertaining picture of a unique Essex event, but where else can you get inspiration for travel writing and photography? Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s on your doorstep, and travelling abroad can be the trigger that opens your mind to new ideas and experiences. The possibilities are endless, from radically different environments, different cultures and traditions, to small simple things that catch your attention on the road.

How To Become a Travel Writer and Photographer

Are you someone who constantly reaches for the camera, and wants to take their hobby to new heights? In this case how about setting off on a photography themed holiday? You’ll have the chance to broaden your horizons and learn from experts in the field, plus make new friends in your like-minded travel group. Tour guides can often help with advice on equipment, photo composition, and how to capture the best possible photo’s in different environments, they are often professional photographers as well, so will know a lot about the different species or landscapes you are travelling to see.

Maybe one day you’d like to try and turn your hobby into a career? Competition in the travel photography industry is tough, but there are things you can do to hone your craft and gain experience and skills. Entering travel photography competitions are a great opportunity to gain experience, and sometimes the prizes can be priceless photography assignments too. It’s also worth building up a portfolio of work as you travel, and perhaps forging an area of expertise to help sell your work as well. Portfolios can be pitched to image libraries – which hold shots that media can search through and purchase.

Work is hard to come by in the design and advertising industries and normally only open to proven talent, but there are still books, magazines, calendars, cards and websites which could just be looking for the shots you have in your arsenal.

Where To Find Travel Photography Tips

If you’ve got some trips in mind then Google will be your new best friend; there’s a wealth of advice out there from camera retailers, travel publications, and professional photographers. Their tips and tricks include pre-travel prep, finding interesting subjects to shoot, and how to get the best results from different environments and camera settings.

Digital Camera World has a piece containing an impressive 79 tips on travel, which covers a lot about photography techniques, using filters, and snapping in different weather conditions. There’s also some hints on pre-travel prep, including booking the right travel insurance so you and your precious photographic equipment are covered. Essex based Avanti Travel Insurance recommend taking a single trip policy to protect photographic equipment.

The Maldon Mud Race won recognition in a travel writing competition, but where will you visit with your camera?

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