London Olympic Games 2012 – How to Win New Business

The London Games are less than 3 years away now. Although it is not possible to be an official partner to the Olympic Games now, all companies having already been picked, it is still possible to find contracts and partnerships, although you will not be able to use the Olympic Games branding.

Essex is extremely well situated to gain an economic boost from the Olympics in 2012. Cunning businesses started planning for the Olympics some time ago. However, there are still opportunities.

One of the best ways to find partnerships and contracts is to visit, which has been set up with the specific aim of building partnerships between the Olympics Games organisers and local business.

  • CompeteFor provides unique access for local business to the opportunities in the London 2012 supply chain
  • Enables businesses to identify potential partners for the formation of consortia and onward supply chains
  • Provides buyers with access to a wider, more diverse supplier base, and the tools to shortlist suppliers to meet their specific needs
  • Assists businesses by giving them access to focused business support to make them ‘business ready’ for opportunities up to and beyond the London 2012 Games

“CompeteFor is a free service that enables businesses to compete for contract opportunities linked to the London 2012 Games and other major public and private sector buying organisations.”

CompeteFor also has a Helpdesk, tel. 0845 2177804, which is for UK callers.

If you have something to offer, then take a look today to find out how you can benefit from having the Olympic Games on your doorstep in 3 years time!

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