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Ethically Sourced Reclaimed Materials For Your Landscaping Project

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Home renovators looking to remodel their paving or roofing need look no further than Milestone landscaping supplies for their materials. Milestone provide everything from roofing tiles, paving stones and gravels to rockery, feature stones and cobbles. All of Milestone’s products are sourced from ethical suppliers and quarries that maintain good working conditions. They also promote the use of reclaimed materials in building projects.

Reclaimed Materials

Milestone Reclaimed
Reclaimed materials

Milestone pride themselves on the inclusion of reclaimed materials in their product range. Reclaimed materials means the recycling of supplies of items such as rocks, granite setts, paving or sleepers obtained from other buildings.

These materials are often quite old and full of character and they make excellent feature pieces for your own project. However, the eco-conscious amongst you will be aware that using reclaimed materials also helps to sustain the planet and prevents the possibility of quality materials ending up in landfills, which is disastrous to our environment.

The government estimates that 44% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from building and construction work. Unfortunately, only 1% of available reclaimed materials are used in building projects at present. Milestone are always happy to provide their customers with details of the origin and estimated age of any reclaimed materials that they are selling. Furthermore, they are open to purchasing any recycled resources from customers to be sold on.

Milestone slate paving
Slate paving

Slate Paving

Milestone are the leading providers of quality slate paving in Essex. Slate paving is perfect for patio installations due to its non-slip properties which make high footfall possible and safe.

Slate is seen as a more natural alternative to concrete, as it produces a raw and uneven texture which adds character and charm wherever it is incorporated. The Milestone range of slate paving includes a striking, grey rustic design which is extremely attractive and is guaranteed to be the focal point of your garden.

Granite Setts

milestone granite setts
Granite setts

Granite setts have appealed to designers for centuries and their use possibly even dates back to Roman times. They’re hard-wearing and durable so are commonly used on pathways, drives and edgings as well as pedestrianised areas and roads where there is heavier traffic.

The beauty of granite setts is that they lend themselves to experimenting with the various shades and sizes to create a unique pattern, although it is also possible to craft a more uniform design from the silver, grey or black basalt setts if that is the desired effect.

Although Milestone are based in Essex, the vast assortment of products found on their online shop are available for delivery all over the UK, or just within the Greater London and South-East postcode areas, depending on the type of courier service you select. Their knowledgeable team is available to chat to you on the phone if you have any queries and tradesmen will be pleased to know that a discount is available to them.

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