Pocket Yellow Pages for Chelmsford / Essex

Following on from our article last year about the rapid decline of the Yellow Pages in Chelmsford, there is a new update. It seems that the Yellow Pages have taken decided to opt for a pocket edition. It is now smaller than A4.

“Every year the Yellow Pages gets smaller and smaller. This is because the worlds ink lakes are slowly dry up. What will business do when there is no ink left? The Yellow Pages will not be able to advertise their services, and businesses will surely suffer terribly.” Webologist.co.uk

Yellow Pages

It is a sure sign that online advertising is having a big impact in Essex. More businesses are now using a wide range of online alternatives to the more traditional print based advertising options. Google Local, that lists businesses on its Google Maps service, now sends much more business leads to companies than the Yellow Pages could. Although many of the larger companies still advertise in the Yellow Pages, smaller businesses just cannot justify their costs now.

We have received calls from the Yellow Pages here and the result is always the same – too much money for the service they provide. Yes, it is a reliable source of information. In many ways the companies that list in the Yellow Pages trusted more than ones people find online, but that attitude is also changing, and changing quickly.

As improvements in Google Local search algorithm takes place the quality of local search continues to improve – the cheaper, spammier sites are literally being drive out of the market.

These are good times for smaller businesses, good times for Google, bad times for the traditional print industry.

However, Yellow Pages do have a strong online presence through Yell.com, so they are well positioned to weather the changes that are still coming.

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