Uttlesford Gets High Speed Broadband Internet Services

Good news for businesses and homes in Uttlesford as a new high speed Internet service has been rolled out this week across the Uttlesford district by Chelmsford based Internet business Buzcom.

Buzcom is working in partnership with the district council to provide a radio-based FibreWiFi service. FibreWiFi is described as the next generation in wireless Internet. Where broadband cables and 3G fails to deliver the FibreWiFi service can reach.

350 Mbit/s Internet Speed

Buzcom’s FibreWiFi offers speeds of up to 350 Mbit/s, which is about 40 Megabytes per second, which is 4 times faster than the average broadband connection.

In addition to offering superfast (25 Mb) and Ultrafast (50Mb) Internet packages they also provide a Pay As You go service in various hotspots in Essex which is charged at £1.25 for 6 hours of usage in a 24 hour period.

The FibreWiFi service requires a different type of router, a cable router rather than a standard ADSL router. However, one advantage for businesses is that upload and download speeds are equal meaning that large emails and documents can be sent over the Internet with greater ease.

One of the best things about FibreWiFi is that if you live and work within the coverage area you only need one account. Most customers use the service to access the Internet on laptop and handheld devices. Also as no wires are required distance from a telephone exchange is not an issue. In many ways FibreWiFi is a lot like Satellite Broadband.

Maldon Pilot in 2010 was a Success

In 2010 Buznet piloted their faster Internet service. 200 businesses signed up to the service and the FSB reported some positive feedback.


Buzcom is managed by Gary Disley who worked in the radio industry for many years. Director of Technology is Alexander Ryan who founded Jazzybee in 1991. Jill Turner is the marketing director and she has worked for the global PR agency Charles Barker, working on projects as varied as Euro Tunnel and Cadburys.

In addition to the FibreWiFi service Buzcom has also developed another innovative product in association with the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at The University of Essex called The SkyView Array.

Learn more from their website: www.buzcom.net/fibrewifi.html


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  1. Well fibrewifi, roxwell road removing services from elderly pensioner because she dare tell them they wrong. They took money of my account, not for subscription but to correct services that were not working properly. No phone calls, nothing and they think it is right for them to do so!

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