Anglia Ruskin University Awards Lee Evans With Honoury Degree

Lee Evans, Essex Comedian.
Lee Evans, Essex Comedian.

Anglia Ruskin University has awarded Essex comedian Lee Evans with an honoury degree to thank him and reward him for his contributions to the entertainment world. Lee Evans is from Billericay and has shot to stardom after winning the Perrier Comedy Award in 1993.

Lee went to The Billericay School in Billericay. He trained as a boxer for a while and then spent a couple of years at art school before following in his father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry.

Lee Evans is to receive an Honorary Doctor of Arts award from the Ashcroft International Business School at Anglia Ruskin University at one of the graduation ceremonies for students on November 24th.

Evans will be joining more than 1,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Essex who are preparing to don their ceremonial gowns for the graduation ceremonies on November 24th, 25th and 26th. This is just a little reminder of some of the talent that has come out of Essex in recent years. Well done Lee, you make Essex proud!

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