Bad Weather Knocks Out Great Baddow Substation – 13 Hour Power Cut

Update: Many more families across Essex have experienced long power cuts today, and there are even rumours of a tornado in Essex. At the moment we cannot confirm the Essex tornado was today, or even if it was real. If anyone has photos of the Essex tornado please send them in.

(16.15hrs, 14/11/09) Power has just been restored to homes in Great Baddow, near Chelmsford, as the bad weather last night knocked the Baddow substation out of operation. Engineers from Eastern Electricity were working on the substation all day to get it working again.

Families from Isaac Square commented that they are pleased that the power has come back just before it gets dark.

“I managed to find some old candles and a few boxes of matches. The weather reports told us to stay in, so I did not want to venture out with my 2 year old. Glad we can have a hot dinner tonight!” Marcia, a Baddow mum.

The power cut was a welcome break for some workers that would usually be slaving away on their computers at the weekend. It meant that a bit of family time was enforced and welcomed.

“I usually spend Saturday’s blogging and updating my local business portal, but today I spent more time with my family. And there was also no TV to distract, so a full day of playing. Although I did take the opportunity to have an afternoon kip”. Jon, Isaac Square resident.

Well done to Eastern Electricity for sorting the problems out.

However, a word of warning regarding the weather. The wind speeds have not died down and it continues to be very blustery, verging on gales at the moment. We could be in for another stormy night, so batten down the hatches and check your candles, matches and torch supplies before dark!

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