DVLA Closing Many Regional Offices – Chelmsford at Risk of Losing 55 Jobs

The DVLA is the latest government department to to have to make drastic cuts. All regional offices will be closed down, and this includes the Chelmsford DVLA at Swift House in Hoffmans Way, which currently employs 55 people.

The closures are needed to reduce costs by £28 million a year. It is thought that around 1200 of the 6,116 people employed by the DVLA in the UK will be at risk of compulsory redundancy, although it is hoped that many people will be offered alternative employment within local government offices.

The DVLA offices in Chelmsford deal with local issues such as administering of new registration plates, tax acoidance, driving without insurance and other DVLA offences.

It is thought that a centralised office will operated with more services being carried out entirely on the Internet.

The announcement was made earlier today by Roads Minister Mike Penning. He stated that the closures will actually speed up the service and it is thought that they move to a more automated online service will also reduce a lot of outdated and unnecessary bureaucracy.

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