Essex Students Go On To Greater Success

A recent study has revealed that Essex University graduates have greater business success on average than students from other Universities. This is great news for our local University. Students from Essex are not only more likely to find a good job after graduating, but more interestingly, they are more likely to travel the world and also to find love!

More the 1/3 of Essex grads have been introduced to potential employers or invited to job interviews via friends from Essex University, and 32% actually found a job directly from the Essex University network.

Also, 10% of Essex University graduates are either married or in a long term relationship with someone that they met while studying at Essex.

At the moment it is not clear what makes Essex University different. But it is clear that those that graduate from Essex do build longer lasting and more effective social networks with their student friends.

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  1. I have searched around for the original material but cannot find anything. I think that we learnt about it in the Essex Chronicle last year.

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