First Snow of Winter Closes Essex Schools and Roads

The Essex Portal editor talks about snow ….. 

Woke up to about 1 inch of snow. School sent a message to say it is closed as staff and teachers have been unable to get in. Twitter full of messages saying that the A127 and some other reads are at a standstill.

How do the Swiss cope? I though we had new gritters. Why didn’t the weather forecasters foresee snow? Why are we so hopeless at coping with snow?

My wife drove from Chelmsford to Basildon this morning, taking the A130 and A127. There were long delays, but she got there in about 90 minutes, around 60 minutes longer than usual. This was one of the worse roads in Essex. So why did the school have to close?

School Closed
School Closed

The local nursery, Little Spring Wonders Daycare Nursery, was open, so both my boys went there for the day. They are eating freshly baked cookies, drinking hot chocolate and making snowmen in the garden.

While walking to nursery with my boys I was reminded of the story in the news yesterday. It is the 100th anniversary of Shackleton’s 800 mile row in a lifeboat followed by a 2 day trek across a frozen island to raise the alarm as their ship got stuck in ice. Tim Jarvis, the British/Australian adventurer  and explorer, is re-enacting the trip. It has taken him 6 years to plan. You can read about his “Shackleton Epic” on his website, although at the moment the page is empty.

We get an inch of snow and the whole county grinds to a halt ……

Pictures of Snow In Essex

St Mary's Church in Great Baddow
St Mary’s Church in Great Baddow, 5th December 2012
slow traffic in snow on A130
Slow traffic in snow on A130 on 5th December 2012
St Mary’s Play School.

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