Hot Mouthwash Hits Essex Streets

Listerine stolen
Listerine stolen
Listerine – not an example of the stolen product

Four pallets of Listerine mouthwash have been stolen from a parked lorry near Church Langley, between Harlow and the M11.

The lorry’s tarpaulin curtain was cut open and the pallets stolen betweem 1pm on Tuesday and 2 am on Wednesday while the lorry was parked in a layby.

Detective Constable Dave Marsden has asked that if anyone is offered Listerine on he black market to contact Essex Police (call 101 for non-emergencies).

5 men from east London have been arrested already on suspicion of theft, although the Listerine has not been located. The men arrested are aged between 23 and 28 years old and have been released on police bail until 7th Feb 2013.

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  1. Hmmm, if they’re out on bail, what’s to stop them from destroying the evidence? I wouldn’t look for Listerine for sale, I would look for it at the bottom of a river.

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