JJB Sports Stores Closing Down – Sales Pick Up

JJB in High Chelmer, Chelmsford
JJB in High Chelmer, Chelmsford
JJB in High Chelmer, Chelmsford

JJB Sports has been sold to high street rival Sports Direct after it was placed into administration yesterday. It is expected that around 2,200 staff will be losing their jobs across the country. Currently we do not know for sure what will happen to local stores, such as JJB Sports in High Chelmer, Chelmsford.

The Chelmsford store only recently downsized to a smaller retail unit. Primark are now housed in the old JJB store.

Sports Direct are taking over the JJB website and also buying 20 of the stores. This leaves 133 JJB stores that will close immediately.

All remaining JJB stock will be shipped to the remaining 20 stores. The remaining JJB Sports stores have been holding 50% sales and shoppers have been close to fighting over the cut price clothes and equipment.

Update:According to the High Chelmer Facebook page the Chelmsford store has already closed down. This has been confirmed by the list of stores that have been sold to Sports Direct as: Airdrie, Antrim, Brighton, Chorley, Cumbernauld, Dorchester, Dover, Elgin, Glasgow Silverburn, Leamington Spa, Kirkstall Valley, Lisburn, Liverpool, Llandudno, Londonderry, Oldbury, Rhyl, Rochdale, West Bromwich, Winchester.

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