Local Amputee Skydives for The Limbless Association

Today we received a letter from Ruben Carril of Purfleet who is skydiving for charity. As we like to support charities of all kinds across Essex we have decided to post his letter. Ruben Carril tells us his story and what he is now doing to raise the awareness of The Limbless Association and also raise some money for them too. He will be jumping with the London Parachute School in Oxfordshire. He is hoping to raise £2000.00.

From Ruben Carril:

Hi my name is Ruben Carril and in 2005 I was in a terrible motorcycle accident where I was struck by a hit and run driver and forced under the wheels of a fully loaded gravel truck. I spent 6 months in the hospital before I came home with a broken pelvis among other serious injuries. One of my worst injuries is I lost my left leg at the hip.

The limbless association is a leading UK charity for people with limb-loss, helping their families, friends, carers and the industry and healthcare professionals who support them. They offer free, friendly and impartial information on all aspects of limb loss and provide a national “voice” for UK prosthetic patients.

On July the 18th 2010 I will be jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane in order to raise awareness and help inspire other amputees to know that after losing a limb it doesn’t have to mean its the end of the world, it can often mean the beginning of a new world.

The reason I am writing to you is to ask you for your support by printing my story in hopes to inspire others as well as possibly raising money for my charity The Limbless Association which operates solely on donations and charity. My goal is to raise at least £2,000 to help the charity that helps others. It’s my way of giving back to the people who helped me.

I ask you for your support in the way of possibly printing my story, and I know with your help I can at least meet, if not surpass my goal. People can sponsor me by visiting my online fundraising page on www.justgiving.com/ruben-carril. They can pay by credit or debit card, and the money will go directly to The Limbless Association. Where supporters are UK taxpayers, the charity will automatically receive 28% extra in Gift Aid, which makes Justgiving the most efficient way of sponsoring me.

If you have not used the Just Giving website before you can be sure that it is a secure website that allows people to make payments to charities via fund raising events.

About The Limbless Association

Limbless Association is a national charity for individuals with limb loss, their family and their carers. We aim to help these individuals through their own talents and initiatives to become active members of their communities. LA enables amputees achieve rehabilitation and sustain independence at home, employment and in the community. LA is the only charity for individuals with limb loss of all ages and backgrounds. We run many programs that are unique to our organisation such as a national helpline devoted to amputee issues; our Football+ Project run in conjunction with Chelsea FC Football in the Community, and our Outreach Program, which co-ordinates our prominent Volunteer Visitors Network. This Network consists members who, using their experience as amputees, support people awaiting amputation or amputees experiencing difficulties since their operation. Limbless Association also played a key role in assisting victims who sustained limb-loss during the 7/7 London terrorist attacks.

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