Maldon Salt’s Desert Island Dishes

Maldon Salt

Maldon SaltMaldon Salt, the company, is now 130 years old. Legend has it that people have been using salt from Maldon for nearly 2000 years. Its Sea Salt is one of the most popular brands of sea salt in the UK and Europe. This month Maldon Salt have leapt into the digital age by launching a new site and social media campaign. Their new campaign, called Desert Island Dishes, invites budding chefs and food fans to contribute recipes and ideas for using Maldon Salt.

“Welcome, one and all, to the finger-dabbing, salt-pinching world of Maldon sea salt and our Twitter cookery experience, Desert Island Dishes.”

Maldon Salt believes that it is the first salt manufacturer to start a blog specifically about salt. In one of their first blog posts they share what is known about the history of Maldon Salt (2012 marks its 130th anniversary) and also to announce that future blog posts will cover interesting new recipes that have been shared by some of the country’s greatest chefs as well as Maldon Salt customers – it will be a “a fantastic community of foodies and cooks which we also want to celebrate“.

A Short History of Maldon Sea Salt

In the 1086 the great Domesday survey there were 45 salt pans in the Maldon area. By the Middle Ages salt production had increased considerably. The industry thrived for centuries, however, in the mid 1800’s the industry started to decline in Essex after salt tax was increased to £30 a ton. Slowly Essex salt traders died out, leaving just the Maldon Crystal Salt Company as the sole survivor.

Maldon Salt on Twitter

Maldon Salt have not only started their own blog, they also have launched a Twitter page, @maldonsalt. Here foodies and Maldon Salt themselves share recipes and exchange ideas. Twitter is a great way for a company to build a real bond with its customers.

The Maldon Salt YouTube Channel

Many companies will stop at a blog and a Twitter account – but not Maldon Salt. They have launched a YouTube channel where they show you how to prepare delicious meals with their excellent salt.

In the first video James Ramsden chats with Pollyanna Woodward, from the Gadget Show, to discuss her Desert Island Dishes.

Obviously the idea is from Radio 4’s legendary Desert Island Disks. A clever idea, but certainly not a gimmick. The first video is well produced – good dialogue, good editing and a nice soundtrack. It is more like watching friends chat about food than the celebrity chef shows that we are more accustomed to on the television. If the first Youtube video with Pollyanna Woodward is anything to go by this will be a really good series to follow.

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