NICEIC Approved Electricians In Essex

NICEIC Electrical WorkGuarantee The Safety Of Your Electrical Work

Why you should only consider using NICEIC accredited electricians for your next project.

Private tenants are at an increased risk of experiencing electrical accidents in the home, in comparison to social housing tenants, as has been revealed by Housing Minister Heather Wheeler. Her new recommendations highlight the ways in which renters could be better protected from risks such as electric shocks or fires resulting from electrical faults. The guidelines aim for private properties to have mandatory electrical installation safety checks every five years and for certificates to be produced to prove that the required standards have been reached. Ensuring that electrical checks are carried out by NICEIC approved electricians, is essential in safeguarding your Essex property and anyone who lives there. But what is NICEIC and why is it important?

Using NICEIC Contractors Is A Priority

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors was established as far back as 1956 to endorse the quality of work that various electrical professionals carry out. The scheme is voluntary to join but is considered a priority for contractors who want to demonstrate their competency.

To achieve NICEIC status, contractors must be inspected and pass some basic standards. Each contractor must possess the latest copy of BS7671 regulations and demonstrate that the work is carried out to this level. They should all have public liability insurance, covering them up to £2 million and they must also be proficient in using the latest testing equipment.

Ongoing Testing

However, testing of NICEIC contractors is not a one-off. To ensure that these safety standards are maintained, contractors are routinely inspected to make sure that the quality of their work doesn’t drop.  It is reported that 90% of local authorities only use the services of NICEIC-accredited electricians, which may go some way to explaining why social housing tenants are at a lesser risk of electrical accidents than private renters with landlords who haven’t been achieving adequate required safety standards.

NICEIC Saves Time And Money

However, the benefits of NICEIC status go beyond safety considerations. Using an NICEIC contractor can also save you time and money on any home electrical project. Those that are registered to the Building Regulations Scheme are able to self-certify any electrical work that they carry out in your home, without getting permission from the Local Authority Building Control. This removes the middle man from any electrical project that requires notification due to the Building Regulations.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being in a dispute with an NICEIC contractor, then you can simply raise your concerns with the body and it is required that any remedial work is carried out at no extra cost to you. However, if the contractor does not fulfil this obligation for whatever reason, then another NICEIC registered electrician will be provided without charge.

Whether you’re looking for someone to carry out routine electrical testing on your home, or perhaps need some wiring work carried out for an extension, Chelmsford electricians are fully NICEIC accredited, providing you with peace of mind that your electrics will operate safely.

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