Snow and Blizzards Forecast as Winter Returns to Essex

snow on a field in Gt Baddow
snow on a field in Gt Baddow
Snow in Great Baddow, Feb 2012

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There are reports that the super-storm that hit north-east America over the weekend is heading our way. In America several feet of snow fell in a few hours, burying cars and halting all transport. Millions of people are without power and most flights are grounded.

However, the biggest risk at the moment is that much of the snow that fell last night (10th Feb ’13) has melted, but is now freezing again, forming black ice on the roads.

Today the Met Office also warned that the cold weather is likely to last for another month, well into March.

21st Jan 2013: Finally the snow has come to Essex as promised over a week ago. We never had the -15 degrees, but a lot of snow has suddenly fallen over Essex. The snow gritters have been in action (the GPS has been updating us!), although it is still expected that there will be treacherous conditions on the roads on Monday morning.

Jan 10, 2013

Yesterday afternoon was a glorious winter day with bright blue skies and sunshine. However, by early evening the temperature had plummeted and this morning much of Essex awoke to find gardens and cars covered with a hard frost.

Weather forecasters have confirmed today that we are likely to have two to three weeks of severe winter weather with temperatures falling to -15 degrees Celcius and snow likely.

The worst of the weather is due to hit Scotland and the North Sea coast, so Essex is likely to receive some cold northerly and easterly winds. Already a winter low of -10C was recorded last night in London. Sunday day time temperatures may be as low as -5C.

Why Now?

An area of high pressure has developed over Scandinavia which is drawing in cold winds from the north east rather than our usual mild Atlantic winds.

It will be cold everywhere, snow and ice expected in many parts, treacherous road conditions likely and school closures possible.

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  1. Not much so far in Essex, but BBC weather forecasters are still predicting heavy snow over East Anglian and the northern home counties.

    Snow and ice expected.

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