Snow, Ice and Floods Expected in Essex This Winter

Snowy day in Benfleet, by Tim Regan.
Snowy day in Benfleet, by Tim Regan.

Essex Facing Snow, Ice and Floods This Winter

Although we are currently having some of the mildest December weather on record, cold, wet and icy weather is expected in Essex this winter. However, less than a month ago, weather experts predicted a white Christmas, and the county is bathed in relatively warm sunshine today.

The UK and Essex have already seen windy weather and a number of storms and floods this year, which have disrupted power and devastated homes across the country.  However, forecasters will be issuing many more weather warnings soon since they are predicting blizzard conditions and heavy snowfall this winter and possibly even further flooding meaning that many more homes may still be affected over the coming months.

See the latest weather forecast for Chelmsford Essex here.

Winter Weather

Essex, along with the rest of the UK, is expecting very poor weather this winter with a high risk of wet weather, flooding and snow. While temperatures in December should remain above the yearly average, forecasters anticipate wet weather and high chances of flooding along with strong winds and a possibility of a damaging storm hitting. Chances of snow are predicted to increase by the end of the month and temperatures are predicted to plummet following the festive period.

January will see a sharp turnaround to much lower than average temperatures, which may last for most of the month. This is due to cold Arctic air, which is expected to move down from the North of the UK to the South and to Essex, resulting in a greatly increased risk of frost, ice and snow. By February, temperatures may become milder but some risk of snow, ice and floods will remain, with some experts suggesting that this risk may not disappear entirely until the end of March.

Possible Power Disruptions

Weather warnings have already started to be issued this winter, with more on their way. Severe weather, such as that due to arrive in Essex shortly, could bring parts of the UK to a halt this year. Damage to buildings and overhead power cables are likely to cause power disruptions meaning that some will be without power in their homes. Given the freezing temperatures predicted for January, this will leave homes feeling extremely chilly, and if not dealt with, may even become dangerous.

What To Do If You Lose Power?

We rarely lose power for a prolonged period in Essex, but if you cannot afford to be without energy for a single day it is possible to hire emergency power generators.

Templant, a leading Essex generator hire company, operate 24 hours a day on all 356 days of the year. They own a large number of diesel-powered generators, available for hire during emergencies and situations such as flooding and severe ice and snow. Ranging from 13 k VA up to 1250 k VA, in both single phase and 3phase options, there are generators to suit everyone’s needs. Templant are able to provide generation hire throughout the whole of the UK. Being based in Essex (they recently moved to a new Chelmsford depot) ensures that response time for Essex locations is rapid. In addition, thanks to their own transport system they are able to further cut response times to bring their range of power generators to your home.

Templant has received a number of impressive qualifications and are able to offer an exceptional service. This is thanks to the high quality and wide range of emergency power generators on offer and a team of fully trained and experienced specialists and engineers.

For now, keep enjoying the sunny Christmas weather while it lasts – when the cold northern winds start blowing expect a cold winter.

Photo by Tim Regan.

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