The Olympic Torch Route Through Essex – 6th & 7th July 2012

Olympic Torch through Chelmsford

The route of the Olympic torch has been announced. The route is designed so that everyone will be within half an hour of the route. The route through Essex was revealed at Hadleigh Castle last week, which is close to the site of the new Mountain Bike course at Hadleigh Farm.

The Olympic torch relay starts on 19th May 2012 at Land’s End and reaches Essex on day 48 of its journey and will arrive in the Olympic Stadium on the 70th day, on the 27th July.

The Route Through Essex

Map of the Olympic torch relay route through Essex
Source: BBC Essex

On Day 48 the torch will leave Ipswich, Suffolk, andpass through the following towns. All start and end points are approximate – arrive early and check on the day with local authorities for the official route.

Colchester – Friday 6 July, 07:31 start

The Olympic torch starts its Essex journey in Colchester on the Ipswich Road at the junction with Plains Farm Close. It then heads south into town along the Ipswich Road, then goes west on East Street, on to the High Street, then north up North Hill where it stops at the junction with Northgate Street / St. Peters Street and North Hill.

Hatfield Peverel – Friday 6 July, 08:44 start

The torch will start on the junction of The Street and Gleneagles Way and head along Maldon Road and finish just at the Ulting Road junction.

Heybridge – Friday 6 July, 09:00 start

The torch will start at the northern junction of Crescent Road and Holloway Road, head south along Hollowway Road, on to The Causeway into Maldon.

Maldon – Friday 6 July, 09:15 start

From the Causeway it will pass on to Fullbridge and then Market Hill, then head west along High Street, south along Fambridge Road and finish at the junction with Mayflower Drive.

Rayleigh – Friday 6 July, 10:20 start

The torch will start at the junction of London Road and Louis Drive East, then head east along London Road, on to Crown Hill, south on the High Street, and finish at the junction with Brook road before the A127.

Southend-on-Sea – Friday 6 July, 10:55 start

The torch will start on Prince Avenue at the junction with Rochford Road, then head south to Victoria Avenue, then eat on to Queensway, south on to Chichester Road, then west past the Victorian Plaza Shopping Centre on to the High Street.

It then heads south along the High Street to Pier Hill then east on to Marine Parade where it turns around at the junction with Pleasant Road (or thereabouts) before heading west back along Marine Parade and on to the Western Esplanade, then Chalkwell Esplanade, then north up Chalkwell Avenue to London Road, where it goes west towards Hadleigh.

Hadleigh – Friday 6 July, 13:52 start

In Hadleigh the torch starts on London Road at the junction with Berkley Gardens. It carries on heading west along the London Road / A13 until it reaches the junction with Chapel Lane.

It goes south along Chapel Lane to Hadleigh Country Park where heads around the Olympic mountain bike course at Hadleigh Farm. It then heads back up to London Road again, then north up Rayleigh Road where it stops just past the junction with Stadium Way, just on the opposite side of the A127 to the point where it stopped after passing through Rayleigh. The Southend route is the longest relay in Essex.

Basildon – Friday 6 July, 15:42 start

In Basildon the torch starts on Cranes Farm Road at the junction with Miles Gray Road. It then goes into the Basildon Sporting Village where it loops around before heading back on to Cranes Farm Road, west to the roundabout and then south along Upper Mayne.

At the next roundabout it goes south towards Southernhay where it goes east, then turns south on to Clay Hill Road, then next right on to Cherrydown East, around Station Way and on to Ashdon Way, then south on to Northmayne where it stops at the junction with The Knares.

Grays – Friday 6 July, 17:02 start

The torch starts at the east end of Lodge Lane then heads west to Southend Road, south on to Palmers Avenue, on to Orsett Road, London Road, Crown Road where it starts heading north up to Hogg Lane. It stops on Hoggs Lane with the junction of Titan Works.

Herongate – Friday 6 July, 17:44 start

The torch will start on Brentwood Road at the junction with Billericay Road then head north and finish at the junction with Common Road – a short relay in Herongate before hopping over to Brentwood.

Brentwood – Friday 6 July, 18:01 start

The Brentwood relay starts on Ingrave Road at the junction with The Avenue then heads north to the junction of the High Street and Ongar Road, then heads east up Shenfield Road where it stops at the junction with Middleton Road before heading to Chelmsford.

Chelmsford Friday 6 July, 18:40 start

It runs a short run from the entrance gates of Hylands Park on the A414 up to the Hylands House where it stops for the Hylands Park Olympic Party! At Hylands Park (also the site of the annual V Festival as well as regular farmers markets) there will be provisions for around 15,000 people to follow the torch and stay for the night. There will be a special torch festival at the park during the day while awaiting for its arrival.

Chelmsford – Saturday 7 July, 06:55 start

Olympic Torch through Chelmsford

The torch relay starts at the University in Chelmsford and then runs down North Street to New Street and then the High Street, through the town, on to Moulsham Street, around the north of Oaklands Park, back on to Moulsham Street, around the Miami Roundabout and along London Road where it will finish before heading off to Harlow.

If you can get a good spot in the Oaklands Park or on Moulsham Street then you will probably get the best view of it passing.

Harlow – Saturday 7 July, 08:00 start

It does a short loop around Harlow, starting on Second Avenue before heading to Velizy Avenue, then west along East Gate, then on to West Gate, then south along Haydens Road where it finishes just before the roundabout at Third Avenue.

Waltham Abbey – Saturday 7 July, 08:29 start

The torch starts on Crooked Mile just before Marlle Garndes, heads south to then west along Sun Street, on to Church Street, then Highbridge Street and continues west along Station Road, then south on to Monarchs Way where it then turns north up the High Street, and stops at the north end of the High Street.

From here it heads to Hertford for a 10.15am start.

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