Toppesfield Drinkers Save The Green Man From Liquidation

The Green Man in Toppesfield
The Green Man in Toppesfield
The Green Man in Toppesfield

The villagers of Toppesfield have bought their local pub, The Green Man, from Admiral Taverns, the pub chain that previously owned it. The pub has been on the market for years but nobody showed any interest.

The villagers invested around £150,000 of their money and also managed to arrange a mortgage and a donation from a charity. In total, around 150 people own shares in the pub, which is a freehold.

“To secure the pub’s future, when so many pubs around our way are closing down, is a fantastic boost for the community. The support and encouragement has been overwhelming and people have voted with their wallets to preserve our local. The pub is a vital asset. We are a long way from the nearest town and it is an important place for people to come and meet.” – Alan Collard

The buy-out process started in March 2012 and the sale was completed on Friday 14th December.

The Green Man is not the first business that the Toppesfield villagers have saved, 10 years ago they built their own village shop and post office which is staffed by locals on a voluntary basis.

Looks like the Big Society is alive and well in Toppesfield!

Why not visit the Green Man this weekend? Where is Toppesfield? It is just west of Great Yeldham – follow the Toppesfield Road from the A1017, then turn right onto the Causeway. It looks like they do a good Sunday lunch (you need to book), have guest ales.

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