New Independent Living Shop Opens in Romford

inside a CareCo mobility shop

An Essex-based success story that has grown from a small outlet in Brentwood to a chain of stores across the country is taking another major step in its evolution. CareCo provides a range of mobility equipment to help people in Essex and across the country remain independent, regardless of the physical challenges they might be facing. It all began in 2009 with a small showroom on the Hubert Road industrial Estate on the outskirts of Brentwood.

A decade later, CareCo has expanded to open up stores all over the country, from Glasgow to Southampton and from Preston to Norwich. This month, it was time to face the reality that CareCo had outgrown its Brentwood headquarters, and the Essex showroom will be moving to an all-new facility just down the road in Romford over the Christmas period.

Staying mobile

When you think of mobility aids, you tend to picture things like wheelchairs, scooters, walking frames and the like. CareCo stocks these in abundance, but it is only one aspect to the range of mobility challenges that the company helps its customers to meet. 

Mobility is about more than being able to get out to the shops, important though that is. It is also core to retaining independence, and so it covers those everyday activities that we all undertake without a second thought – until, that is, circumstances turn them into obstacles to be overcome. 

You can look at every aspect of your daily routine and see examples of this in action. The very act of getting up out of bed demands upper core strength and the use of the arms to get into a sitting position. Adjustable beds make the process safe and comfortable. Moving on into the bathroom, there are a host of slip and trip risk just waiting to catch you out. CareCo’s bathroom mobility aids cover them all off, and range from simple accessories that cost a few pounds to complete walk-in bath and shower units.  

It’s the same story throughout the house. From handy kitchen gadgets to a wide range of incontinence products, CareCo is a one-stop shop that can help to keep you mobile and independent.  

New showroom

It is amazing how many mobility stores are in cramped town centre locations with tiny front doors and little or no parking. CareCo has always followed an ethos of placing stores in locations that are just outside town in spots that are easily accessible by car and with plenty of parking spaces – especially for those who need a little more room to access their vehicles. 

They have followed the same model with their new flagship store at the Gallows Corner retail park on the edge of Romford. The location just off the junction of the A12 and A127 is arguably one of the most accessible spots in the entire county. It is scheduled to open its doors on 28 December, government regulations permitting, and we can’t wait to take a look around. 

map of CareCo Romford

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