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Childrens Respite Care

Childrens Respite CareChildren’s Respite Care (CRC) in Clacton provides specialist nursing care for children and young adults with complex nursing needs. What makes their service extra special is that they have two homes in Clacton that provide easy access to the sandy beaches.

Children with complex care needs can really benefit from spending time outside in the fresh air. CRC takes children and adults outside, usually to the beach, where they can enjoy the fresh sea air and play in the sand.

Every child and young person deserves the best quality of life possible and the chance to explore their creativity. Children’s Respite Care in Clacton firmly believes this, creating a range of services to support children and young people from birth to the age of 24 years with a variety of different care needs.

Their pioneering service focuses in each child or young person’s requirements, taking into account their family or main care givers and developing a plan that suits their individual needs.

Their nursing homes are created especially with young people and children in mind and offer a respite period for parents who need a break from looking after their children’s specialist nursing needs.  They have two cottages in Clacton; Seaside Cottage accommodates up to four children or young people, while The Beach Hut is suitable for three persons. Everything from adjustable furniture to a stimulating sensory room allows families to enjoy a seaside break without having to worry about their child’s needs being catered for.

Both of the nursing homes are very close to Clacton beach and the children enjoy daily trips to the beach to enjoy the sea air and play in the sand.

Children’s Respite Care also firmly believes that the best care should be given in the home or, if this isn’t possible, in a comfortable, home-like environment. This belief has led to their step down service, which aims to safely promote quick discharges from the hospital so children and young people can spend more time in the comfort of their own home and enjoy a much better quality of life.

Over the past few years the Children’s Respite Care team has continued to grow, with Design:fx helping them to promote their services. As a design company with an impressive portfolio and years of experience, they knew that the right branding was needed to help Children’s Respite Care spread the message about their work and how they can help families, care givers and young people in need of support. They created a bright, playful logo that reflected the brands focus on providing fun and creative activities for youngsters in a safe, suitable environment.

This colourful theme continues across everything from their stationary and print packs, to their website where potential clients can find out more about how Children’s Respite Care can help with their individual needs. Design:fx also created detailed medical packs and booklets to ensure every parent or care giver is aware of the services offered, ensuring they feel confident and comfortable with their own individual plan.

With Design:fx’s support and services, the Children’s Respite Care team are able to focus on what they do best – providing brilliant care to youngsters and allowing them to play, have fun and get enjoy holidays by the sea.

Sarah Crow from CRC said “whatever we have asked Natalie to help us with she has acted promptly and with much patience” and Amanda Owen added that Design:fx “has always gone the extra mile to ensure we get fantastic service and top quality supplies.”

If you would like to find out more about the services the care team offer, you can get in touch via their website, or by email via [email protected].

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