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Physio2Fitness training

Physio2Fitness trainingAchieve your fitness goals with a personal trainer

Hiring a personal trainer can give an invaluable boost to your training regime, and there are some great ones to choose from in Essex.

Summer is on its way, and as the nights get lighter and the weather gets warmer many of us are inspired to improve our health and fitness by taking up a sport or embarking on an exercise regime.  If you are keen to boost your fitness performance then hiring a personal trainer can give you the push you need to achieve your goals.

Why use a personal trainer

A good personal trainer will work with you to set short and long term goals, and devise a plan to help you achieve them – this is particularly useful if you are training for a specific event such as a marathon or triathlon. Trainers also provide some much needed motivation which can prove invaluable when you’d prefer to stay in bed rather than hit the gym. Many trainers are also qualified in nutrition meaning that they can offer a holistic approach to wellbeing, with advice on diet and lifestyle.

Hiring a good personal trainer can be a really effective way of getting in shape and revitalising your exercise regime – happily, there are some great trainers in the Essex area.

Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin, Physio2Fitness


Physio2Fitness is run by two fully qualified Chartered physiotherapists who combine their passion for health and fitness with their physiotherapy expertise. It’s a great option if you have any pre-existing injuries as the trainers can devise a personalised programme to help you exercise effectively and safely. They can also easily address any injuries or niggles that crop up during your training regime.

Sarah Firth SparkleFit
Sarah Firth SparkleFit


This women’s-only personal training company provides a holistic approach to clients’ health, fitness and mental wellbeing, offering nutritional advice, sports rehabilitation and massage, alongside more traditional personal training sessions. SparkleFit also offers specialist pre and post-natal training to help women maintain or improve their fitness throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Shane Haron and Raychal, Essex Personal Trainer
Shane Haron and Raychal, Essex Personal Trainer

Essex Personal Trainer

Essex Personal Trainer in Colchester is run by husband and wife team Shane and Raychal Haron. Raychal is a Muay Thai kickboxer and likes to incorporate Muay Thai into her training sessions; Shane has over ten years personal training experience and a list of celebrity clients. The pair offer fitness and nutritional plans tailored to each individual client, and all sessions take place in a well-equipped private gym.

Tony Willis
Tony Willis, 5 Elements

5 Elements Martial Arts

Personal training in the martial arts can be a fun and effective way of getting into shape. 5 Elements Martial Arts in Basildon runs a number of martial arts classes including kickboxing, MMA, boxing, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Private lessons are available in all of these disciplines, enabling you to discuss your exact requirements with the instructor and ensure that the sessions are tailored to your needs.

Essex Boot Camp
Glynn Roberts, Essex Boot Camp

Essex Boot Camp

Exercise ‘boot camps’ have grown in popularity across the country, giving participants a taste of military-style fitness and discipline. Essex Boot Camp runs over 500 group sessions per month, at 25 locations across the county. The company also offers private sessions with their highly-qualified instructors, combining exercise plans with goal-setting and nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Choosing a trainer

Hiring a personal trainer can offer a huge boost to your training goals. However, it can be a significant financial outlay so you want to be sure you’re choosing the right person. First and foremost, you should only hire a trainer who is appropriately qualified and insured, so make sure they are listed on the Register of Exercise Professionals and the National Register of Personal Trainers.

It also pays to ask for references or testimonials from previous clients. Perhaps most importantly you need to ensure that you are compatible with each other. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person so it’s important that there is no personality clash and that they understand your fitness goals and motivations.

Achieving your fitness goals takes time and commitment, but with the right personal trainer, and the right training plan, those goals are within your reach.

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