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Physio 2 Fitness

Physio 2 Fitness

Southend is famous for being home to the longest leisure pier in the world, and now this lively seaside town is home to a team that could help you run it instead of taking the train! New sports physio services have arrived in Southend, delivered across the wider area by Physio 2 Fitness.

Physio2Fitness is the go-to company for not only sports injuries, but general ailments as well, so you could visit them for a torn ligament, fractures, or ailments such as back pain and whiplash. Their tailored approach to recovery and treatment means you’ll have a programme to fit your needs, condition, and/or injury. One of the best parts of these new physio services in Southend, is that the trained staff will offer pain management and recovery, but they’ll also look at your situation long-term and help you avoid injury in the future.

But what does this mean for residents of Southend? Well they are based in Leigh on Sea and offer clinics in Hockley and Canvey Island, so are easily accessible. The latest equipment the team use is also mobile and suitable for home visits for clients to prefer to be treated in a familiar environment. Physio2Fitness offer a choice of 3 main services:

Physio – Provided by a team of chartered physiotherapists who are also fully qualified in personal training and gym instruction, so there’s lots of experience at your disposal. A holistic diagnosis and treatment approach looks at all the factors that might contribute to injury or recurring problems. Common treatments include hydrotherapy, pre and post-surgical rehab, soft tissue massage, and sports specific rehabilitation.

Sports Massage – Sports Massage to help you with performance along with recovery and healing from injury. These massage sessions are great for reducing pain and swelling, helps with recovery rates after injury, and can also help with improving muscle tone. Physio 2 Fitness can offer pre-event massage targeted towards specific areas you’ll be exerting, post event massage to help your body, massage given during training to help prevent injury and keep you training at your best, and rehab massage to help with pain management and healing after an injury.

Personal Training – The best of both worlds as trained physiotherapists also offer personal training programmes to help you achieve maximum health and well-being. Personal training that can be designed around pre-existing injuries, fitness for weddings or holidays, tailor made training that will also look at your lifestyle and nutritional habits. To cover all bases there’s also long term training for all athletes serious about their long term fitness. Personal training sessions can be carried out at Physio2Fitness facilities, and you may even be able to train with friend if you share the same fitness and training goals.

With professionals at the helm who have a proven track record in their field, this business is sure to flourish, providing new sports physio services to clients from all walks of life.

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